Urwa, Mawra think depression, mental health issues exist 'just because of food'

Published: August 7, 2019


Another day, another ill-informed statement passed by local celebs.

In a recent appearance on Nida Yasir’s morning show, the Hocane sisters, Urwa and Mawra, were promoting their upcoming clothing brand; U X M.

Things were going pretty well until the host started talking about mental health and depression. In a clip that has now gone viral, the sisters share how one’s mental health is affected by ‘what food you’re putting inside your system’.

Aaj kal kitne maslay hain, ke yar depression hogaya, mental ‘disease’ hogai, it’s all because of food! Aur koi reason hi nahi hai. (We hear so many people say that they are suffering from depression, they have mental ‘disease’, it’s all because of food. There’s no other reason),” Urwa can be heard saying in the clip.

“It’s what you put in your body,” Mawra added.

Many called out the two for their ‘uneducated’ statement.

“Prof Dr Urwa Hocaine and Prof Dr Mawra Hocaine telling the real risk factor of depression and anxiety,” one user wrote.

“Urwa and Mawra’s comments belittling mental health were problematic but they are simply reflective of our general attitude. As a general rule of thumb, it is never wise to talk about something authoritatively that you have not experienced yourself,” added another.

“Depression and other serious mental health illnesses are unique and different from the general ‘happiness’ and ‘sadness’ that you feel. Please do yourselves a favour and talk to somebody who has actually experienced clinical depression to educate yourselves,” the user continued.

“Height of ignorance. Depression and other mental illnesses have several causes, such as trauma, genetics, environmental triggers etc. What you eat is NOT the only thing that causes depression. Urwa and Mawra, please do your research before saying such statements,” said one.

Others reacted with memes.

It’s high time celebs take responsibilities for what they might say on national television. Trivialising an issue as important as mental health and depression is never okay.

So, no Mawra, Urwa. The root cause of depression and mental health isn’t just food.

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