‘Isolated Hakimullah losing control of TTP’

Signs of growing friction within the terror group more apparent.

Zia Khan July 05, 2011


Chief of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Hakimullah Mehsud has been in isolation for more than a year and is rapidly losing control over the terror group he once led with absolute command and authority, his associates and intelligence officials said.

Insiders of the dreaded militant outfit in the country’s lawless tribal badlands and intelligence officials in Islamabad told The Express Tribune that Hakimullah might soon be faced with more rebels from within the TTP after last week’s defection by one of his top commanders.

Fazal Saeed Haqqani, who was appointed by Hakimullah for the strategic Kurram tribal region, announced to separate his group of more than 1,000 fighters from the main outfit in what appeared to be the first serious fracture for the TTP.

The defection took place within days after unknown attackers killed a spokesperson for the TTP’s Fidayeen-e-Islam group – the suicide bombing squad.

The killing of Shakirullah Shakir, a key figure of the TTP, in Mirali town of North Waziristan has raised questions over how influential Hakimullah still is in the region.

“It was like a slap on the face for him. Nobody could have imagined such things here sometime back,” a tribal source commented on the murder, which is still unsolved.

A day after Haqqani’s announcement to split, a group of the Taliban from Khyber Agency attacked their counterparts from Orakzai in what appeared to be another sign of growing friction within the TTP and lack of a centralised and coordinated leadership.

“All these incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. There may be a series of challenges for him … you will see more of his boys turning against him and this is exactly what we desired and have been working on,” claimed an official, who deals with counter-terror operations in the tribal areas, while choosing to stay anonymous. His comments were verified by some of Hakimullah’s associates.

“It looks as though he is just a figurehead now. He can hardly communicate with his commanders in other parts of the tribal areas … he is in total isolation. Only a few people within the TTP know where he is,” said one of Hakimullah’s affiliates.

Although Pakistani military officials claimed credit for Hakimullah’s isolation, tribal sources said it was more likely due to fears of being hit by drones rather than anything else.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 5th, 2011.


Nazir Habib | 11 years ago | Reply The Kashmir and Afghan imbroglio is one very, very long spaghetti piled up on a plate with mince and tomato sauce. One does not know the start from the end. The Pak Army and ISI should now jettison the 'flotsam and jetsam' and start bringing in peace on the borders. The USA should be told that with their wealth, education and technology nobody can harm them in their own territory. The few instances of militancy, which they say were carried out by Muslims, are nothing compared to instances of terrorism done at schools and supermarkets by their own citizens. As for the TTP, the tribal lashkars and disgruntled elements within itself will take them out. Also the 'de-radicalization' being carried out by the Pak Army is a good start at turning the tribal youth around. As for Hakimullah Mehsud, send him to the Express Tribune and the commenters will 'de-radicalize' him properly. Salams ET.
Nazir Habib | 11 years ago | Reply @irfan: Brother my Salams to you.
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