A Pakistani TV show joked about domestic violence and it was disgusting

It seems like the entire sketch was inspired by the Mohsin Abbas Haider and Fatema Sohail case

Entertainment Desk July 27, 2019

Domestic abuse is a subject that needs to be discussed more avidly and openly. A subject that needs to tackled by not only understanding how to reduce such terrible incidents but also how to have a better mechanism for victims to cope up with the trauma.

Fatema Sohail's recent accusations of alleged physical abuse on her husband Mohsin Abbas Haider did stir a debate but like always, even that had it's downside.

A local TV show recently aired a sketch where a woman, with bruises all over her face is shown complaining about her husband who beat her after she went through his phone and found pictures with other women. The situation is written in a way that the husband justifies the violence by saying that he works for the entertainment industry and she was bound to find pictures with other women. And so... she got beaten up. The crowd cracks up.

The clip, which went viral on social media has since then became a point of debate and people are calling out the producers for promoting such vile behaviour.

"I generally dislike shows on the Mazak Raat format for their hateful nature of comedy but Joke Dar Joke on GNN tonight went the disgusting route of mocking domestic abuse so flippantly," he wrote in a post. "The man with the beard is particularly vile. HOW WAS THIS ALLOWED TO AIR? HOW IS THIS FUNNY? Remind me again how political correctness in comedy has gone too far? This is your mainstream comedy!" shared comedian Shehzad Ghayas.

Soon after Ghais' post, other people started condemning it as well.

Khadija Tanwar shared, "It's sad to know that not only was this aired but it probably also got a lot of ratings. People comfortably sitting in their homes must have had a good laugh over it. Its horrendous and as a female, it scares me to my core."

"Is this their indirect take on the Mohsin and Fatima situation? Because if it is then I guess there was no use of them putting out a statement kicking Mohsin out of the show. This is just sick," wrote Hira Ali.

Areeba Mukhtiar found the show appalling.

"How do people find this funny? They’ve got no content now so they’re basically joking about domestic violence. This is absurd!" she commented.

The most problematic bit was when the audience continues to laugh while the woman tries to share her ordeal. The hosts of the show keep cutting the woman off when she tries to express how her husband has been abusive, which the latter goes on to defend by saying he hits her out of love.

If the show was a satirical take on the recent Mohsin Abbas Haider and Sohail's case, then it was in extremely bad taste. To make a mockery out of such a sensitive topic is shocking and there aren't two ways about it.

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