Gay rights: JUI-S to protest ‘promotion of homosexuality’

Jamiat Ulema Islam (Samiul Haq) to hold rally in protest against the US Embassy “for its promotion of...

Express July 04, 2011


Jamiat Ulema Islam (Samiul Haq) will hold a rally opposite the Lahore Press Club on Monday in protest against the United States Embassy “for its promotion of homosexuality”.

In a statement issued on Sunday, the JUI (S) condemned the gay pride ceremony held at the embassy on June 26.

It also asked the government to take action against the US embassy.

Published in The Express Tribune, July 4th, 2011.


Tashika | 11 years ago | Reply Whenever the natural order of polarities is disturbed, disharmony follows... yin, yang; negative positive; etc. There is some wisdom in the condemnation of homosexuality by religions.
Beyond sad | 11 years ago | Reply It's completely ridiculous how those that are 'anti-gay' have no other argument than 'Because Allah said so'. So all you anti-gay people - do you do everything Allah has said? Do you follow the Quran EXACTLY as you're supposed to? I think all you hypocrites will be the ones standing in front of God, being admonished for comparing yourself to Him, by JUDGING others - which is NOT YOUR JOB. As is said over and over in the Quran, HE will be the judge. Not you. You concentrate on what you're doing with your life, and let others live how they want to. When judgement day comes, God will decide who is going to wherel. If a man/woman is a homosexual, but has done everything else in their lives to be a good Muslim, and YOU, people who have judged, and spread hate will be stood before Allah, I wonder who he'll pick to go to heaven and who will go to hell. All I can say is... good luck ;)
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