Vlogger Ukhano accused of sexual harassment, releases public statement in response

Mooro, Eva Zu Beck came forward to support the vlogger

Entertainment Desk July 18, 2019

Vlogger Umer Khan - popularly known as Ukhano - has been doing the rounds on social media after several sexual harassment allegations were made against him earlier this week.

On Tuesday, multiple women came forward with their claims against Umer, alleging he harassed them and acted inappropriately. There were several screenshots of the conversations between the vlogger and other girls that were offered as evidence, wherein Umer was seen asking women for bold pictures and sending unsolicited ones of himself.



"In light of the recent false accusations against me, here is my response," the 28-year-old said in a minute long video, uploaded on Wednesday. "I request you to watch the video once and listen to my side of the story before you form any judgement about me."

Umer started his clarification by apologising for a delayed response. "I've worked very hard my whole life, shot several videos and have worked with a lot of women. I'm certain I've never made any of them uncomfortable," he said. "The reason I'm making this video is because I owe you guys the truth and the truth is that I know this person and I've worked with this person and that is it. Other than that, whatever allegations and claims have been made against me are lies."


He continued, "I have visual evidence to prove my innocence. I appreciate all media forums who have published my side of the story as well and would urge the other forums to do the same. Please see the truth as I don't want to publish this evidence. Someone's life can get ruined because of it. That is against my morals and integrity."

Soon after Khan's statement, a few local celebs have come out in his support. Polish vlogger Eva Zu Beck, for one, shared her experience of working with him. "Umer, some friends and I spent two weeks trekking in Concordia together. At no point did he make me feel threatened or uncomfortable," she said in an Instagram story. "He's always been there to support me in my career and my personal life and I see him as a good friend and a confidante."

She then added, "While I cannot speak for other women who felt threatened by their conversations or interactions with Umer, I can say with my own experience that I can always rely on him as a friend and someone who supports women in the media industry."

Fellow vlogger Mooro - aka Taimoor Salahuddin - also shared how his first instinct upon hearing of the allegations was to support his friend (Umer). "This outrage culture is ridiculous," he said. "We need to weigh in facts and wait for the truth to come out."

Mooro added, "Now that we know one of side of the story, let's wait for the other part. I'm not saying I believe Umer. I'm just saying I support the truth - whatever that might be."

Some called out the support Umer received.


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