Region will remain unstable till Kashmir issue is resolved: Gen Wynne

Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee said as long as Kashmir remains unresolved, the region will remain unstable.

Express June 30, 2011

ISLAMABAD: The Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Khalid Shameem Wynne said on Wednesday that as long as the Kashmir issue remains unresolved , the subcontinent region will remain unstable.

Wynne was speaking at a convocation ceremony of the National Security and War Course in Islamabad.

He said it is pivotal that India and Pakistan work to find a solution to the Kashmir dispute.

Yesterdat, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh expressed hope that Pakistan will "leave Kashmir alone", as it has its own share of internal problems to deal with.

In a meeting with editors of a select five Indian newspapers, he claimed that Pakistan had not done much against terrorism and needs to do more.

Singh said India is not a big player in Pakistan - but whatever its role-engagement is a commitment to our shared geography.

Today, General Wynne also added that Pakistan's armed forces have taken up the challenge to combat terrorism.


Chandler | 11 years ago | Reply @Awed Don’t you think Kashmiris should decide the fate of Kashmir? Nope, Indians will decide the fate of Kashmir. That means ALL Indians. From North, South, East and West. If some Kashmiris want to join up with Pakistan, they are free to do so! They just need to pack up their bags. BTW, you Pakistanis(of Afghan, Central Asian, Persian, Arabic, Turkic descent) are occupying our land. That land belongs to the original inhabitants of the Indian Sub-continent. And by our Gods, we will take it back - start counting your days.
BruteForce | 11 years ago | Reply @Awed: "Or is it that since you’ve bullied yourself into a dominant position that a just resolution to the dispute is no longer viable?" India cannot be a Democracy and a tyrant at the same time. The basic framework exists in India for a better Kashmir and we are seeing that now. Kashmiris are deciding what they want, says, not the Indian media but the International ones. Wall Street Journal says,"The higher turnout is the latest sign that separatists have lost public support in Kashmir, where militant attacks were once a daily occurrence. Now, Indian officials say as few as 600 armed Islamic insurgents remain in the state." Dont you think its time to change your perceptions about Kashmir? "Because im poor and haggard, and without much influence in the world, I shouldn’t report a rape that has just happened in my backyard." Well, rape is one sided, but India and Pakistan rivalry is not. So your analogy is wrong. In all the wars the 2 countries have fought not once has the stronger Country attacked, but it was always the weaker one which acted first. So, how is this similar to a rape? Pakistan is the one which trained militants to fight India, not the other way around. "But it shouldn’t mean Pakistani’s should stop raising their voices against injustices in Kashmir, or inside Pakistan or anywhere else." Aha, that is where the hypocrisy starts. India is a Democracy, has checks and balances and the power rests with the people. But, China is not. >When is the last time Pakistanis stood up for the injustices committed by the Chinese on Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang? Or, the atrocities committed by the Paksitan-supported Taliban on Afghans? Or,on the kind of brutality the Pakistani security forces are perpetrating on the Balochis? Or, the Terror that Iranians are facing from Pakistani based Terrorists? The trend now is- JUST KASHMIR, forget, for instance, Xinjiang. Why? Has it something to do with the Chinese giving tonnes of money to you guys? China doesn't hesitate to kill and its actions rarely come in the limelight, that cannot happen in India. It is too free and people have rights. Dont you think at this point of time Xinjiang and Balochistan are bigger problems than the free Kashmiris?
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