China says military talks with India successful

Both sides say they are willing to work hard together to ensure peace and tranquility on the border.

Reuters June 29, 2011

BEIJING: China's Defence Ministry said on Wednesday that a recent visit by an Indian military delegation had been successful and would benefit relations after a freeze in ties last year over a visa row.

"Last year, Sino-Indian military exchanges experienced some
difficulties, but both sides worked hard to find a good way
of resolving this," ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a news
conference, according to a transcript posted on the ministry's

"Both sides said that they were willing to work hard
together to ensure peace and tranquility on the border and
further promote exchanges between their militaries," Yang said.

India and China, emerging rivals for resources and global
influence, fought a border in the 1960s and have been wary
neighbours ever since. China also occupies a part of the
Himalayan region of Kashmir which India claims as its own.
Yang said he believed the visit had been conducive towards
promoting trust and the development of military relations.

"China hopes that China and India can further promote
the development of military ties," Yang said, without giving any
other details.

China last August denied a visa to an Indian general in
charge of operations in the disputed Kashmir region, which lead
to a suspension of military contacts between the two growing

India protested in 2009 against a Chinese embassy policy of
issuing different visas to residents of Indian Kashmir. New
Delhi bristles at any hint that Kashmir, where a separatist
insurgency has raged for two decades, is not part of India.
India's old rival Pakistan also claims Kashmir.



from india | 11 years ago | Reply although i don't enjoy this but still i would say that some of my muslim friends from africa and middle east told me that they do not consider pakistan a muslim country in its true sense !!
anil | 11 years ago | Reply It is sad that pak people don't understand china.Some readers has expressed hope of aid from china.Hillarious....china is noone's friend,i would say it is the attitude of chinese people and china as a country,you can better know from their history.They pinch arabian countries against USA,they protested heavily against USA while Libya Invasion.But now they have started supporting Libya millitant leader.They protested Sudanese partition,but now they are supporting south sudan ,because they have vested interest in that country.How long Muslim world will see china as an alternative? what USA is doing,it is doing on the ground,but what china is doing,it is doing in mind.They only see profit in everything,moral is a not-found word in their dictionary.Last friday,in berlin ,chinese ambasador unveiled Confusious statue and pledged for the Confusious institute for promotion of soft power.Softpower and respect is a thing which can't be achieve by begging,u need to be like that in your behaviour.I don't know whether there is confusious institute in pak or not.
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