Expect the unexpected: 5 possible endings to the 'Game of Thrones' saga

Published: May 18, 2019


So, winter finally came but much to our dismay, left within one episode. And just like that, Game of Thrones‘ biggest villain compass shifted from the Night King to Daenerys Targaryen, The Mad Queen.

Season eight of HBO‘s biggest show ever has added yet another feather to its already very decorated hat: the lowest  all-time ratings for the show. Fans haven’t been satisfied by the developments of Game of Thrones’ last season ever. And after Daenerys wrecked havoc over King’s Landing in the penultimate episode, we cannot help but feel a tad bit disinterested in who ends up on the Iron Throne this Sunday.

Nonetheless, there are many theories going around as to what will happen in the series finale. Here are five of the most-likely outcomes.

1. Jon Snow will kill Daenarys 

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Ever since the very beginning of the series, fans have been predicting that Jon is the Prince Who Was Promised – a reincarnation of the legendary hero Azor Ahai. But if that’s true, then Daenerys will be his Nissa Nissa – the one true love he must kill in order to save the world.

2. Bran Stark will turn out to be the Night King 



The youngest surviving stark sibling hasn’t exactly been helpful this season, but maybe that’s not a coincidence. Perhaps Bran purposely hasn’t been lending a hand at Winterfell for a big, very big reason?

Speaking of hand, Bran’s the only character we know to have been touched by the Night King. And if you recall, the babies from Craster’s Keep turned into Wights upon coming into contact with his hand. Even Daenerys slain dragon Viserion was resurrected as a zombie dragon after the Night King touched him.

When he touched Bran back in season six, he may well have turned him evil or initiated the process of transforming him into the next Night King. If the White Walkers do rise again, this could be a way to make that happen.

3. The white walkers will rise again



Game of Thrones is known for subverting fan expectations at the last minute, just like when Cersei Lannister literally blew up the Sept of Baelor or even the Red Wedding. This is a story known for cataclysmic moments and there would be nothing more cataclysmic than the White Walkers and the Night King somehow rising again.

Many fans have been saying it was far too easy for the humans to kill off the Army of the Dead in the Battle of Winterfell. So what if they didn’t?

Perhaps the speculations about Caster’s babies-turned-Walkers are true and the Night King’s fall didn’t wipe out his army entirely. And it obviously won’t be as easy to defeat them this time, what with Dany having gone mad.

4. We’ll see more dragons



After the seven seasons of building up Daenerys’s dragons as the ultimate weapon, we’re now only down of them: Drogon. But, having researched a little bit about dragon biology and reproduction, fans have an interesting theory. They’re saying Drogon could potentially be female and may have laid eggs when she was missing in season five.

This would be a terrifying prospect. But considering Jon is part Targaryen and dragons could be loyal to him as well, he could use one of the,other dragons to fight back against Daenerys.

5. Samwell Tarly is writing the story

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

Photo: Helen Sloan/HBO

This particular theory has been around for a long, long time. Samwell Tarly is the best at reading and writing and briefly trained at the Citadel as well. He is often been presumed to be Game of Thrones’ avatar for author George R R Martin himself. So could it be that, in the end, he’s writing the story? Could A Song of Ice and Fire be the detailed historical documentation of the War of Five Kings, the War With the Dead and the Last of the Targaryens?

Perhaps the last scene of the historic show could be an aging Sam sitting by a fire with Gilly and all their children, reading what he wrote about his best friend Jon saving all of humanity.

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