Gucci lipstick line attempts to promote 'realistic beauty' by using flawed teeth

Published: May 7, 2019


Twitter is asunder with a recent photo from luxury brand Gucci re-launching their beauty line with 58 shades of lipstick in three finishes.

But it wasn’t the makeup products themselves that created the buzz,. Rather, the mouths that are wearing them. In a bold move to try and break away from the somewhat unrealistic beauty standards frequently used to promote makeup products, Gucci posted a photo of flawed teeth.

There was a time when gap-toothed models were all the rage. Yet, the ideal of ‘perfect teeth’ has not been challenged in a big way since then. Until now.

The campaign features four print images, a closeup on each of the four models, as well as a video inspired by 80s infomercials. The most attention-grabbing of the bunch is a close-up of model Dani Miller’s teeth, which have large gaps that she proudly displays in a smile. “A celebration for the beautiful freaks shedding even more of my insecurities and doubts; there is space for everyone to be themselves, even in the beauty and fashion world,” Miller said in an Instagram post.


Needless to say, the campaign didn’t go unnoticed by dismayed onlookers sharing their thoughts.

Some condemned the brand for ‘bad advertising’.

However, the campaign was also met with support of Gucci’s new vision. Many saw it as an ‘expression of freedom’ tool.

The Gucci Beauty Instagram feed is not your typical beauty account.  Product flat-lays, re-grams of influencers wearing the makeup and heavily photo-shopped images are done away with.

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Since 2018, the brand has been going in a different direction, focusing on illustrations of their pretty blush-pink ‘Bloom’ fragrance, close-up beauty looks and lunch trays with lipstick-stained teacups.

The newly-released lipstick collection consisting of three finishes – ‘Rouge à Lèvres Satin’, ‘Rouge à Lèvres Voile’ and ‘Baume à Lèvres’ – all have a subtle violet scent. The line apparently kept inclusivity in mind, offering 10 nude shades with various undertones along with nine reds.



Gucci kicked off the line with lipstick because creative director Alessandro Michele believes it is the ultimate tool to make flaws part of the larger beauty narrative. That includes lipstick smeared on models teeth, which is seen in the campaign video and images as well.

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