'Conversations with Kanwal' episode 2 sheds light on an issue unheard of

Published: April 15, 2019


KARACHI: The latest installment of Conversations with Kanwal highlights an issue within society that, for some reason, still goes unnoticed. The episode shows Kanwal Ahmed conversing with Hina, who was diagnosed with 80% hearing loss at birth. She tells the story of how her parents helped her brave a society that rejected her.

Hina begins with explaining how her father realised that there was something wrong when she was just nine months old. She was then taken to India at the age of two and fully diagnosed. The doctors suggested that her family not teach her sign language and enroll her into a ‘normal’ school so that she wouldn’t depend on sign language.



When asked how both students and teachers behaved towards her, Hina smiled and said, “Not good… not good at all. Even though my parents would meet them and guide them, they weren’t co-operative. “We tried to explain my situation to them but they weren’t interested in helping me.”

Hina goes on to share that regardless of all her struggles, she managed to pass her exams and eventually became a doctor. However, soon enough, the pressure of marriage came about. “Proposals started pouring in but they were too judgemental. That didn’t matter though. Everyone wanted to get me married off to whoever he was, however he was…. I felt like whatever I did was not enough for ‘them’. Then, at 31, I met my husband.”



Hina revealed that he approached her through Facebook and even though Hina brought up the fact her way of speaking is a little different, he didn’t want to meet her. Instead, he just sent the proposal three days later. “Believe me, when they came, woh baat pakki kar ke gaye thay. They didn’t judge me at all.”

The two tied the knot and soon after, Hina conceived. “But the entire time, I just prayed that my baby is born healthy and doesn’t have to endure the difficulties I had to face. And I just thought, thank God, my daughter is alright.”

Conversations with Kanwal aims to share the stories of strong women who’ve emerged on top, despite circumstance not being in their favour.

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