Marvi Memon’s resignation

I am happy that Marvi Memon has taken the lead and shown the right path to our parliamentarians and politicians.

Letter June 23, 2011

LAHORE: I salute Marvi Memon not only for resigning from PML-Q but also from the membership of the National Assembly. The resignation is for the right cause and has come at a time when almost all parliamentarians have no direction and are travelling in a rudderless ship under selfish and professionally weak captains. The resignation is a good omen for the politics in Pakistan as it will help people realise that they should not follow the politics of dynastical rule. I am happy that Marvi Memon has taken the lead and shown the right path to our parliamentarians and politicians to be brave and speak the truth rather than follow the path of sycophancy.

I hope and pray that our politicians, for a change, do something for the country. We need more people like Marvi Memon, who can guide this country out of trouble.

One ought to congratulate her for her bold step.

Salman Babar

Published in The Express Tribune, June 24th, 2011.


M K Sial | 10 years ago | Reply This refers to comment of M. Akram Khan Niazi from Rawalpindi (Punjab). Instead of attributing wrong hopes with Marvi Memon who like her father Nisar Memon was staunch supporter of ex-military dictator General (r) Musharraf, I suggest people like M. Akram Khan Niazi, first abandon "Ethnic Chauvinism" as he had shown against Sindh from time to time, then he should talk about leaders like Quad-i-Azam and Mohammad Khan Junejo
MYM | 10 years ago | Reply @Mirza: I agree that Ms Memon joined the party at the wrong time but we must also appreciate the fact that she did leave the party when they were again part of a government. If we want to see people who have never done anything wrong in their life than frankly we would use up our life time searching but might never find one such person. There are people who also ask why Mr. Bhutto was part of Ayub Khan' govt (I am in no manner trying to compare Mr Bhutto to Ms. Marvi Memon, I just wrote this as an example). Things change, circumstances change, people change. I think we all would agree at least to this must that the stance she took and the action she undertake deserves appreciation.
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