Vawda promises 'too many jobs to fill' in the next few weeks

Minister says people will have to put up with inflation but with an incentive

News Desk April 09, 2019
Federal Minister for water resources, Faisal Vawda. PHOTO: PPI

Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda has claimed that the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government will create “so many jobs, organisations will run out of people to employ”.

While appearing at a talk show on a private TV channel, Vawda continued “whether you talk about the stock exchange, property, industry or even the media, where people are being fired with the onus placed on the government, there will be many jobs and I am urging the owners not to fire people.”

He said, “We have to put up with the inflation and poor economy because we have no choice. It was passed on to us from the previous governments. We have to take loans to pay off interest left behind for us. But we can offer an incentive to make it easier for the public to bear the inflation.”

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“We will fix the dearth of jobs that the public was also facing along with the inflation. There will be so many jobs and the situation will become so much better,” he said.

“These incentives will materialize soon and I am not talking in terms of years, I am talking in terms of a week, ten days or maybe two to four weeks. Things will change in a very short time and I repeat businesses should stop firing people,” the minister said with surety.

“I would also like to say, no matter what I have promised in the past has materialized, maybe with a bit of a delay but it has. The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz had spread propaganda in the business community and scared them. We will eliminate their fears and fix the situation to the point where even a man with a kiosk or a pushcart will insist that they want to pay taxes.”

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Vawda also took a hit at the National Accountability Bureau and the way Hamza Shahbaz’s case was being handled. “You do not go meet an ordinary citizen who has committed a crime and tells them that we will come to arrest you in ten days.”

“I do not get NAB’s side as well if Hamza was already appearing at the accountability court, why was he not arrested from there? Why did NAB go to meet Hamza for two days? You never go to an ordinary citizen and give them ten days for their arrest, enabling them to escape accountability,” said Vawda.

He also criticized the order that prevented Hamza’s arrest and said “the Supreme Court has struck down the order” but was quick to add “I am not criticizing the court, I am allowed to discuss court judgments.”


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