EU president proposes to offer UK 12-month 'flexible' extension to Brexit date: BBC

Plan would let UK leave sooner if British parliament ratifies a deal

Reuters April 05, 2019
European Union President Donald Tusk. PHOTO: REUTERS

European Council President Donald Tusk is proposing to make an offer of a 12-month “flexible” extension to the UK’s Brexit date, the BBC reported on Friday, citing a senior European Union source.

The plan would let UK leave sooner if the British parliament ratifies a deal but will need to be agreed by EU leaders next week at a summit, the BBC said.

In last ditch effort to salvage Brexit, British PM gambles on talks with Labour

After her EU withdrawal deal was rejected three times by lawmakers, British Prime Minister Theresa May invited opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for talks in parliament to try to plot a way out of the crisis.

May said earlier this week she would seek a delay that is “as short as possible” to the current Brexit date of April 12.

Attorney General Geoffrey Cox told BBC that if the talks between UK’s Conservative and Labour parties fail, the delay is “likely to be a long one”.