AR Rahman’s Marvel anthem proves why Bollywood will never elevate anything

Seems like the Avengers face a bigger threat than Thanos...


KARACHI: Have you ever wondered what lasagna would taste like when paired with mango achaar? Or what ice cream would look like with an out of place gulab jamun resting on top?

Unluckily for you (and definitely for me), AR Rahman has put forward an abstract representation of that, proving once and for all that Bollywood will never, not in a million years, elevate any piece of creative work.

The official handle of Marvel Studios took to Twitter to unveil the Marvel Anthem on April 1. ''Here's something special for all you amazing Marvel fans! Presenting the #MarvelAnthem created by the maestro AR Rahman,'' they captioned the video on their official Twitter account.

Like seriously, could someone please take Mr Rahman’s ‘maestro’ credentials away and take his Grammy back. In what can easily be summed up as audio-visual diarrhea, Rahman has released a song and dance anthem for the Marvel Cinematic Universe that, you guessed it, has nothing to do with Marvel.

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Don’t believe me? Here’s what Twitter has to say about that: "Cringe-worthy... AR Rahman lost it completely. Song is nothing special to Marvel," wrote one user while another stated, "I wish you had watched all 21 movies before making this... ruined the emotions." Some thought its was an April Fools prank, "Haha... nice April Fool joke... you got us. Now release the actual anthem."

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plal | 4 years ago | Reply AR Rahman is already Internationally recognised Musician and Oscar awardee,
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