5 hilarious celebrity April Fools pranks

From Seth Rogen to Gigi Hadid, there are many stars who cannot get enough of trolling people

Entertainment Desk April 01, 2019

April 1 is probably the only day that pardons all things. Many people spend hours coming up with jokes and pranks and even longer executing them. Others, have a more spontaneous approach and carry out pranks on the spot.

Whatever the case, we can all agree that this way, these creative and mischievous individuals always provide much-needed comic relief to our everyday lives. To mark the ocassion, here are four of the funniest celebrity pranks from over the last few years. We guarantee you'll be laughing away!

1. Short hair don't care


In April 2017, supermodel Gigi Hadid decided to fool millions of fans via Instagram by posing with a short pixie cut; a drastic change from her usual long hair. It might seem like a small prank but the internet went wild over the possibility that this beauty icon has done away with her luscious gold locks.

2. Master of pranks

Actor George Clooney is an avid prankster. He’s pulled jokes on numerous people including Tina Fey, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep, amongst others. But the prank he did, along with Pitt, on the late Oceans producer, Jerry Weintraub, was of a whole other level.

The three were reportedly playing a drinking game that resulted in Weintraub falling asleep, giving Clooney and Pitt (who were secretly drinking water the whole time) the ultimate opportunity to fill his underwear with M&Ms. It’s a simple and juvenile school joke, but coming from two A-list actors, its legendary! m

3. Just a hoax

Star Trek star George Takei played us all last year when he publicly announced that he would run for Congress in California’s 22nd District. This joke even attracted a sincere endorsement from the Hulk, aka Mark Ruffalo! Too bad it was all a hoax…


4. Bundle of joy

In the April of 2015, Joe Jonas announced that he and fellow singer Hailee Steinfeld were expecting a baby together. "So happy to announce @HaileeSteinfeld and I are expecting our first," he had tweeted.

Unfortunately, it was a lie...

5. Acquired by Netflix

Last year, the official Twitter account of Netflix tweeted out a video of actor Seth Rogen reading his new deal. “I, Seth Rogan, do hereby relinquish ownership of mind and body to the entity known as “Netflix, Inc” (hereby referred to as “Seth’s Owners”). Hilarious, right?

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