5 reasons to start your day with fresh juices

If you only knew how good the habit is for you...

Entertainment Desk March 31, 2019

Starting your day with healthy choices can provide a much-need bout of energy and revitalise you. Not only does it freshen you up inside out but also helps increase your focus, productivity and keeps your weight in check. Adding freshly-squeezed fruit and vegetable juice or a smoothie is a great way to get more nutrients as soon as you wake up.

If you already have a set menu for breakfast that you like eating every day, just adding one glass of juice or a smoothie to the mix can unnecessarily increase your calorie intake. Instead of that, try mixing fruit juice with oatmeal or have a juice that contains added plant-based protein.

As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are five reasons why you should opt for fresh juices in the morning.

1) Doing so can help keep acne and skin problems at bay. To get rid of bacteria that grow into blackheads or cysts, squeeze one lemon and mix it with water and one teaspoon of sugar. Lemon juice helps purify the blood and removes a whole lot of metabolic waste from the body.


2) A great source of polyphenols, which are antioxidants known to reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases, a glass of strawberry juice topped with fresh cream is great for health and also helps keep teeth milky white.


3) A healthy dose of Vitamin K-rich spinach juice can help keep your bones strong, gross as it may sound.

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4) Did you know pomegranate helps in treating depression and maintaining bone mineral density? A mixture of carrot, beetroot and pomegranate is a healthy choice to kick-start your the day.


5) Keep your blood pressure in check with a glass of garlic and carrot juice. And if that sounds icky to you, don’t worry. Just add some oranges to bring in a tiny bit of flavour to the mix.


Some people may prefer eating a bowl of fresh fruits instead of making juice out of them. They aren’t wrong. But the thing is, solid foods require hours of digestion before they finally impart nutrients into your body. Liquids, on the other hand, help remove fibres and are quickly digested with minimal effort. As a result, it increases the energy level right in at the onset of the day.

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Shafique Ahmed | 3 years ago | Reply

Dear Sir , I read Your Advice about benefits of fruit juices health conscious people's . I appreciate Your Guidance for the betterment of common man and their good health when they uses or drink fruit juices especially the lemon juice.With best regards and wishes ,Your Sincerely, Shafique Ahmed.

Bunny Rabbit | 4 years ago | Reply Thats it .. I am rushing to buy my first mixer / blender now .
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