Nescafé Basement's rendition of 'Aadat' is making us nostalgic

Some lauded the version, others not so much...

Entertainment Desk March 19, 2019

Nescafé Basement is back again with another hit and it's making us very, very nostalgic.

In the latest episode of the show's fifth installment, producer Xulfi has given Atif Aslam's iconic hit Aadat his own spin. Sung, composed and produced originally by Jal the band, the 2003 track became a phenomenon and was even featured in a Bollywood film later on.

Xulfi's version of Aadat has taken everyone back to the early 2000s era. In fact, it's all over Twitter now.

The Call frontman decided to change the track into an instrumental Goher Mumtaz from Jal as well but he is singing another track called Bhanwaray in the video and it is so well orchestrate!

"What an arrangement of Aadat by Zulfiqar Khan and Nescafé Basement. It was a perfect idea to keep it instrumental. For some reason, Atif-sung songs are very critically judged by audience if someone else sings it," a user commented.

"I am so impressed by Xufli bhai’s musical quotient. He chose Aadat to be an instrumental because this song has such a monumental value in Pakistani music that no one could have justified singing it. Memories revived!" said another.

"This, this, this! God, I'm literally getting chills/goosebumps Aadat instrumental is freaking legit Nescafé Basement nailed it. This is Pakistani music to you all!" shared another.

"Must say that Aadat instrumental in Nescafé Basement season five was too good. Even if Gohar tried his best at the end to ruin it a bit. Amazing instruments nonetheless," penned a user.

"Aadat was on its pinnacle already but what Xulfi has done is out of this world," one more user tweeted.

"This song is perfection! I was blown away on first listen. I’m so proud of you, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan. PS: this song made me feel pretty nostalgic myself," one wrote.

However, there were some fans who had a few reservations. "I don't know why I didn’t like this new instrumental version of Aadat by Nescafé Basement," one user shared. "This song is so beautiful and nostalgic, I don’t think that there was any need of this rendition."

Others called for a Jal reunion! "It was awkward seeing Gohar performing Aadat alone. I wish Gohar Mumtaz and Atif Aslam could perform Aadat together in Nescafé Basement. It's been 15 years guys, get back together for Aadat at least. Just this one time," one user mirrored our thoughts.

Can someone make this happen though? Pretty please?

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