5 types of stress that is good for you

Good stress helps in three ways: Emotionally, psychologically and physically

Entertainment Desk March 10, 2019

Positive stress can help one us stay motivated, work towards their goals and generally feel positive about life. But it is important to know the difference between good and bad stress. One must make sure they do not mistake bad stress as good though, as it may have a negative impact on your health.

Good stress helps in three ways. These include emotionally as it helps one feel motivated and confident, psychologically as it helps to build self-efficacy and autonomy and physically as it helps in building your body. As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are five types of stress which are beneficial for us.

1. Change

Many of us are resistant to change. Not everyone accepts it as easily and so, they tend to worry about it. The hurdles, complications and maintenance that come with change often causes stress. For instance, a promotion or moving to a better workplace may stress a person out as it brings a whole new job role and surroundings but ultimately, the new workplace will benefit him. A good change may show results in the long run but be difficult to cope with in the start. Avoid stressing about change and note down all the changes that have made a positive impact on you and your life.

2. Being in front of an audience


This is a very common type of stress. Some individuals stress when they have to present in front of a group of people or enter a room full of superior people. Such people experience sweaty palms, fumble and lose confidence. Such stressors are good as they help you push yourself to do better and it turns out to be positive.

3. Starting a relationship


When falling in love or considering a proposal, most people get swarmed by anxiety. They wonder if things will really work out and what they will have to deal with in the future. This, however, is a good stress as it helps you to make the efforts to keep your relationship going.

4. Travelling


Travelling, as pleasurable as it can be, is also a major source of stress for some people. A new place, culture, language, people and food often drain out nervous travellers. This is a good stress as you are going to explore a new place and learn numerous things. No matter how afraid you feel before hopping off that plane, rest assured your trip will be an eye-opening experience.

5. Work stress


This particular type of stress can be both good and bad. For example, you are given a new project to do which requires lots of hard work and planning. That realisation may stress you out but just think about the benefits! It will give you an exposure to new things, learn more and leverage your capability.

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