Look in the mirror and remind yourself of who you are: Zara Noor Abbas

Actor advises fans in Instagram post

Entertainment Desk March 07, 2019

Emerging star Zara Noor Abbas posted a couple of photos of herself on Instagram yesterday. She exuded major #GirlBoss vibes clad in a maroon suit and topped off her look by accessorising it with a fanny pack and a full finger ring. Evidently, she looked quite different than what people are used to seeing her like on screen. And, she agrees.

Zara shared the first thoughts that came to her mind as she saw the pictures. "Immediately I thought to myself that 'Oh, I don't really look how I usually look.' Usually was the key word. Usually I am dressed as a damsel in distress who is usually playing a character of an innocent girl trapped up in the Alcatraz of zulm (torture)."


She continued, "Usually I am dressed as a weak human being who can't speak up for herself. Who is working as a house lady. Or beaten by her lover. Or running around the city to make ends meet for her disabled brother and unwell niece for lots of pity. Eventually, a part of me also became that and these pictures looked too different to me because in these pictures I look like MYSELF. "

The Khamoshi actor went on to explain what she thinks of herself. "The woman who I believe in. Who is strong. Confident. Knows self worth. Respects self love. The woman my father and mother taught me to be. The woman my husband sees in me. The woman I forgot about. In this chaos of work and life. In this survival of the fittest. In the routine. The monotony. I forgot myself... I met myself after a long time."


Zara took this opportunity to advise her fans to take a moment and see themselves. "So if anyone out there is going on and on with life. Stop! Look at yourself in the mirror and remind yourself of why you started all of this in the beginning. Remind yourself of WHO YOU ARE. Remind yourself to KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Just before anyone else does."

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