Bilawal ‘welcomes govt’s U-turn on Nobel Peace Prize’

PPP chief calls Indian pilot’s release hasty, Qureshi says it earned global applause

Our Correspondent March 06, 2019

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said the Pakistan Air Force proved it is the best in the world and the armed forces have always defended the country.

The PPP chairman made these remarks while speaking during the National Assembly session on Wednesday. “We cannot ignore Indian aggression on any condition,” he said adding the nation is proud of pilot Hasan Siddiqui.

He further said the Indian government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has transgressed all limits of barbarianism in occupied Kashmir, adding innocent Kashmiris are being targeted with pellet guns.

“The world does not know Modi as a prime minister but as the butcher behind Gujrat killings,” said Bilawal, adding Modi is mistaken to believe promoting cross-border hatred would help him win the upcoming general elections in India.

The PPP chief further added Kashmir would only see peace if the people there are given their due rights and the Kashmir issue should be resolved in line with the UN resolutions.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan showed impatience in releasing the captured Indian pilot,” complained Bilawal adding the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government failed to capitalise on the opportunity by not attending the OIC session.

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“I am happy the government took a U-turn against the Nobel Peace Prize,” jibed PPP chief. He added a resolution demanding the prize for PM Imran was presented at the National Assembly secretariat.

“Pakistan would have been mocked if the resolution was admitted and rejected. It is good the resolution was withdrawn,” said Bilawal.

Talking about the increase in gas and electricity prices, he said the government has been tormenting people in the name of a people-friendly budget.

“The finance minister should be asked to chalk out a budget for a poor family,” he said adding the Sindh government has achieved its revenue targets.

Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood Qureshi thanked Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif and the PPP chief for expressing solidarity with the people of Pakistan.

“I invite all parliamentary leaders from the opposition at the foreign office,” said Qureshi adding the government welcomes any suggestion made by the opposition.

He added the Indian pilot was released in the “national interest of the country and not under any compulsion”.

Responding to Bilawal’s criticism that the premier took a risk by releasing the pilot in haste, the foreign minister said the decision was taken after much deliberation to defuse tensions with New Delhi and “the entire world appreciated the premier’s decision”.

Speaking at the session, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal demanded of the House to hold a debate on finance bill amendments.

“It is because of our unity Pakistan has come out of the tensions successfully but the enemy is still making clarifications for our success,” he said adding the nation will remain strong if India continues to cast evil eye on Pakistan.

Iqbal further said the government has presented two budgets in its seven months but without doing any homework in economy

“If a child in primary school says he does not know what debt is, then it is understandable, but if the same is maintained by leader of the political party, then that is something really big,” he quipped however the speaker expunged the word 'primary school child' for not being parliamentary.

Subsequently, Finance minister Asad Umar said both Bilawal and Iqbal had made important points and said the government welcomes Shehbaz’s suggestion of a charter of economy as the challenges faced by the economy need joint attention.


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