Pakistan will 'surely respond' to any aggression, COAS tells major world powers

Published: March 1, 2019

Army chief has informed military chiefs and ambassadors of major world powers that Pakistan reserves the right to respond to any aggression displayed against it in “self defence”.

General Qamar Bajwa held on Friday separate phone conversations with Commander US CENTCOM General Joseph Votel, Australian Chief of Defence Force General Angus John Campbell, and United Kingdom’s Chief of Defence Staff General Nicholas Patrick Carter.

He also spoke to Paul Jones, Thomas Drew and Yao Jing, the ambassadors to Pakistan of the US, UK and China respectively.

In the telephonic conversations, the COAS discussed the prevailing standoff between India and Pakistan, and it’s possible impact on regional peace and stability.

PM throws ball in Modi’s court

Tensions spiralled as Indian jets were shot down a day after India Air Force planes recklessly violated Pakistan’s airspace and dropped payloads in a mountainous Pakistani village and Delhi dubbed it “air strike on the biggest training camp of Jaish-e-Muhammad militant group” in Pakistan.

The Pakistani military exposed India’s fictitious claim and invited “anyone and everyone – including foreign diplomats, military attaches and UN military observers” – to visit the area where the Indian aircraft dropped bombs and see if any training camp existed there.

Though the Indian bombs did not cause any major damage or casualties, Pakistan vowed to retaliate against the flagrant violation of its airspace, fuelling fears of a disastrous confrontation in the region.

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