A dystopian Pakistan where smiling is a necessity

Published: January 31, 2019


Upcoming short film, Shehr e Tabassum‘s teaser is out, and it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before within the Pakistani film industry. The movie has been inspired by cyberpunk classics such as Blade Runner-1982 and AKIRA as well as novels like George Orwell’s 1984.


“Shehr e Tabassum is the first of its kind animated Urdu short film set in a dystopian future… It is the year 2071. There have been no reported instances of terrorism or violent crime in over 3 decades in Pakistan. The cost – the systematic subjugation of human emotion.
Welcome to Shehr e Tabassum,” read the description on their Facebook page.


Conceptualised by Ayesha Iftikhar, the teaser shows a Dystopian Pakistan with flying rikshaws and unlimited digital screens. The narration within the video elaborates on a new law that has passed which states ‘anything other than smiling is considered a crime.”

An official release date is yet to be announced however, “the film is set to hit screens, soon”.

Watch it here:

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