Haripur case: Police arrest 4 members of jirga

Police arrested four people who were allegedly involved in an incident where a woman was paraded naked in Haripur.

Express June 16, 2011
Haripur case: Police arrest 4 members of jirga

HARIPUR: Police arrested four more people on Thursday, who were allegedly involved in an incident where a woman was paraded naked in a village in Haripur.

The woman, *Shaheen, was made to walk naked on the streets of the village in the Upper Neelor area after a jirga decided that she was to be punished for her son's alleged rape of another woman.

Police arrested the head of the jirga today (Thursday), Bashir, along with three other jirga members who have been identified as Imran, Arsalan and Sulaiman.

Seven people were suspected to be involved in the incident, out of which two were arrested earlier. One suspect remains at large, and the police team investigating the incident said they are searching the village to arrest him.

Shaheen was paraded naked in the streets of Neelor Bala village on the instigation of a jirga that found her son guilty of rape.

Four armed men, who belonged to the same village as that of the ‘raped’ woman, allegedly disrobed the middle-aged woman before making her parade naked.

Sadia*, 24, who had alleged Shaheen’s* son Karim* of rape, said the incident was the result of a mere ‘misunderstanding’.

*Names have been changed to protect identities


Mirza | 12 years ago | Reply I cannot believe it. This is a conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan. We are pure people and cannot do that. The Jews, Christians and Hindus are hell bent in defaming the land of pure. It can never happen in Pakistan never did. It is the Western press that is making up these stories. Ops, I forgot it is a Pakistani paper and local press. I can recall, a similar incident happened in Rajanpur during the military rule of Zia! However, I cannot ever recall that any "elder" has been punished for his crime against innocent women.
Ahmed | 13 years ago | Reply Make all the Jirag's member naked and parade them on the street too and telecast it live on all the channels. This is why we are being humiliating and insulting by our so called leader. No society can make any progress if there is no justice.
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