Demand for fresh fish surges with intense weather

Published: January 14, 2019


LAHORE: Citizens flocked fish selling points in the metropolis as the demand for fresh fish has surged with the intensity of cold weather.

Winter brings with it an increase in the demand for fish and fresh catch, not usually available during the rest of the year.

In Lahore, there is a market known for selling stale fish and it is easily available in the city but now the fresh fish is also available on the streets of the provincial capital. People can choose an alive fish from a water tank and buy it. The white meat can be used in many ways including making a curry of it or frying it in the oil. The vendors selling fresh fish can be seen on Lahore Ring Road, Aziz Bhatti Road, GT Road and Bedian Road.

Mohammad Javaid, a buyer, said only a person who had eaten a fresh fish before could know the real taste of it. One of the ways to check the freshness of a fish is that if the skin is slightly pushed with a finger it would return to its original shape again. There are several kinds of fish including Kala Rahu fish available on live fish selling point on Zarar Shaheed Road in Lahore. The rate hovers around Rs300 per kilogramme.

Hafiz Shahid, a fish seller, said he buys fish from a farm and keep them into a water tank. In the fish market, one can buy all types of fish caught from river or sea. However, alive and fresh fish is available at the makeshift selling points only.


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