Innovative Biscuits’ cultivates environmental awareness in schools

Innovative Biscuits’ Jumbo Junior campaign educates children on the evils of deforestation

January 02, 2019

One of the main reasons why Pakistan is coping with alarming levels of climate change is due to the fact that escalating levels of unrestrained deforestation has been extant across the country since decades. This not only lead to an unexpected rainfall and spike in temperatures, but it also affected various species of animals adversely.

With the means of raising awareness about these issues, Innovative Biscuits, one of the country’s leading biscuit manufacturers, has engaged itself in order to combat this disturbing situation via a remarkably unique approach. Earlier this year, Innovative Biscuits launched their new campaign for Jumbo Junior, one of the best-selling energy biscuits for children. Led by the endearing and lovable young rhino, the campaign kicked off with an animated television commercial, which highlighted the evils of deforestation.


The commercial successfully portrayed the plight of the animals that are being affected by deforestation. Moreover, it not only managed to underline a critical social issue, but also was able to connect with children on an emotional level. As such, it is an extremely applauded gesture to see a corporate institution play such a socially responsible role with such dedication.

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Better yet is the fact that Innovative Biscuits has initiated this campaign in order to educate children about environmental awareness. Speaking of this decision, Innovative Biscuit’s brand manager pointed out, “We realise that we need to take children on board at a young age, to try and embed in them early in their lives, the idea of environmental protection for their future.”

Following the campaign’s launch, Innovative Biscuits didn’t just stop at the airing of the Jumbo Junior TV commercial. To further drive the message and its impact to its intended audience, and to literally practice what they were preaching, the company followed up the ad by rolling out an extensive series of activations in a number of schools across the country. And what they did at each school was equal parts simple and innovatively effective.

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Jumbo Junior made an appearance at schools by delivering a live play that was a recreation of Jumbo Junior film. The live play highlighted the animals’ distress along with the message of seed plantation as its solution. Post the play, an activity was planned where with the help of children, plethora of tree saplings were planted in schools. Through this campaign, the brand is on a mission to plant hundreds of tree saplings in various schools across Pakistan.

Unsurprisingly, Innovative Biscuits’ Jumbo Junior campaign has so far proved to be a huge hit, gathering interest from far and wide and bringing the brand widespread support and appreciation; especially, from those whom it was originally made for – the children.


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