PTI blocks NATO supplies in Quetta

Imran Khan is expected to address the gathering via telephone.

June 12, 2011

Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) staged a sit-in in Quetta on Sunday to protest against the safe passage allowed to NATO supplies through Pakistan.

A large number of PTI activists have gathered at the Khazai Chowk near the western bypass of Quetta  chanting slogans against the government for allowing NATO to use the land route to transport supplies to forces in Afghanistan.

PTI Chairman, Imran Khan is expected to address the gathering via telephone after which the sit in is scheduled to end.

Besides normal traffic, the movement of vehicles carrying supplies for NATO troops has also been stopped.

The participants also demanded the implementation of the Parliament's resolution to stop drone attacks in Pakistan.

Earlier this year PTI organized similar sit-in(s) in Peshawar and Karachi blocking NATO supply routes, protesting US intervention in Pakistan, drone strikes and the government's war on terror policy.


Ahsan Danish | 10 years ago | Reply Imran Khan takes issue with, is that it’s suggested by some that he is a Taliban sympathiser. And for that, one has to consider that there is no other force in Pakistan that treats them as a legitimate entity that has tangible demands that can be accommodated with negotiations. But perhaps most troubling is Imran Khan’s belief in magic. He thinks if the US withdraws from Afghanistan, all will be fixed. Once radicalised, mission creep begins. To believe that those who enjoy the spoils of the fruits of terror will cave in is a gross misunderstanding of what groups like the Taliban are. They want an end to Pakistan as it is, under our Constitution. Imran Khan extends the same line of thought to why there are divisions in the army amongst those who may have helped in the PNS Mehran attack. He traces it back to the war on terror, but misreads that the radicalised jawan just wants the Americans gone. They want democracy to end, they want minorities to cease to exist, they want a fascism of their narrowly-defined beliefs, and they want a state of perpetual war against others. In “Parker Spitzer” on CNN, Imran blamed the death of Salmaan Taseer on the war on terror. As if blasphemy related murders never happened before 9/11. In the same show, when prodded to explain how terrorism could end, he suggested a ceasefire, negotiations and compromise. That’s exactly what happened in 2009 in Swat and Malakand, with the government going further and giving the extremists legal cover. In all of Imran’s statements, one can find a rich source of caveats where he espouses progressive views. But it’s hard to take that on face value when banned groups, Hamid Gul and the Jamaat-e-Islami take a liking to him and he cavorts with the latter two.
Arsalan Ghumman | 10 years ago | Reply @Moulana Diesel Dharna/sit-in are usually against the one who are in government. PTI has condemned the attacks by anyone who are terrifying the people whether they are in Karachi, Quetta or KPK or FATA. You ask Imran Khan to do everything for you but you yourself doing nothing but commenting via internet. Dharna against Taliban or whatever org won't do anything because if you need to curb this you need to be in the government. It is politics no emotional drama.
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