Tribune Take: Imran Khan's truth bombs of 2018

Published: December 19, 2018
Photo: AFP

Photo: AFP

KARACHI  : It’s not every day that we get truth bombs out of our politicians, but when we do they are quite relatable to people from every walk of life. Here’s a look at shocking yet true statements from Prime Minister Imran Khan. From ‘annoying relatives‘ to ‘how to deal with bad days‘ he had it all and said it all …



On ‘being over smart/sluggish in youth’


On ‘dil ki baat’ ….

Video Courtesy: Abb tak


How ‘pait ka pressure’ leads you to success…



On ‘Loug kya kaheingay’



On ‘dealing with bad days’ ...




On ‘zeherily rishtedars’…



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