Innovative Biscuits new campaign is all about disconnecting from technology

Innovative Biscuits invited 6 renowned Pakistani celebrities to take up the ‘iDisconnect Challenge’.

December 04, 2018

Pakistan’s leading biscuit manufacturer Innovative Biscuits came up with an exciting campaign that has been creating a buzz. In the era of social media where consumers are incessantly asked to, like a video, follow Instagram account, download an app or log in to a website, Innovative Biscuits is asking its loyalists to do quite the opposite.

Entitled iDisconnect, the campaign urges customers to truly disconnect themselves from these redundant connections that we have all become so habituated to. In the face of this digital maelstrom, it rather has become challenging for people to disconnect themselves from technology. From hundreds of emails each day to non-stop notifications on our cell phones, modern technology has severely disrupted the flow of people’s natural lifestyles and environments. Therefore, Innovative Digestive thought it was indispensably important to address this issue.


Taking its cue from one of Innovative Biscuits’ flagship products, “Innovative Digestive”, it is evident how the brand came up with this notion. Prepared with fresh ingredients such as whole wheat and brown sugar, Digestives are completely free of any artificial flavours and colours. Hence, they are real, and free from artificial contaminants. To translate this philosophy and extend it to the lives of its consumers, Innovative is asking them to, be like Digestive.  What does that mean? Well, they are asking their consumers to free themselves from artificial constraints, to disconnect themselves from things that are needlessly keeping them occupied, and to reconnect with commodities that are naturally healthy.

To underpin this creative concept, Innovative Digestive invited six renowned celebrities, Ahmed Ali Butt, Ahsan Khan, Ushna Shah, Hina Altaf, Sophiya Anjam and Munib Nawaz, to take up the iDisconnect Challenge. They were all invited to spend the day at Greenfields in order to disconnect from technology and their busy lives and connect with their families, friends. Once they reached green fields, each of them were asked to surrender their phones!

Faatima Khan impatiently waited to see if Ahmed Ali Butt could make it without his phone.


Hina Altaf couldn’t imagine spending a day without Instagram!


Sophia Anjam was thrilled to spend the day like the 90s; it was a nostalgic moment for her.


Ahsan Khan was pleasantly excited to get away from social media just for a day.


Once the Innovative Digestive iDisconnect challenge began, everyone started taking part in a plethora of activities throughout the day. Later the gang regrouped for a session of indoor games and some hilarious rounds of dumb charades.


Each celebrity had an amazing experience and shared their sentiments. Faatima had a startling day since her spouse Ahmed was phone-less.


On the other hand, Sophiya felt like a kid again.


And, Hina too surprisingly made it without her phone!


Munib and family had an amazing time connecting with each other.


Ushna got a chance to live in the real world.


Ahsan had fun exploring nature with his friends.


The fun just wasn’t over yet, Ahmed Ali Butt, Munib Nawaz and their families faced off each other in a battle of human foosball and tug of war.

BeFunky-collage (2)

Alternatively, Ushna Shah and Ahsan Khan had an exhilarating experience with horse riding and ATVs.


The ladies Sophiya and Hina went for a Safari, Fishing and Boating, which they absolutely adored.


Do you think you can survive a day without technology? Take up the Innovative iDisconnect challenge to find out.


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