Encroachers set up cattle barns in KU's staff colony

Published: December 3, 2018


KARACHI: The land grabbing mafia has made its presence felt in Karachi University (KU) campus. Buffalo barns have been set up once again in KU’s staff colony. These barns have been established near the “C, F and G “category houses. Consequently, the lives of residents living near the barns have become miserable due to the bad smell from these barns. Not only this but the residents have also kept cows, buffaloes, goats, camels and hens in front of their  houses due to which the staff colony of the city’s largest university looks like a village.

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KU’s residential area is in a constant state of crisis, with garbage and filth spread all over and the sewerage system in shackles. At times, the sewerage water enters houses making the situation even more deplorable.

A resident informed The Express Tribune that some people have built illegal structures in front of their houses without permission due to which streets have been blocked. There is no sewerage system and sewerage water enters houses. He also said that people have set up illegal barns in front of their houses. Many complaints were made to the KU authorities but the administration has failed to remove these encroachments so far.

Campus Security Officer Muhammad Zubair and his team had removed the roofs above the barns, but the barns still stand. The noises of animals echo in the university and milk supply continues at the houses of officers and employees. Zubair said that there is nobody to address their woes. He also said that stray dogs are seen strolling around and anyone who wishes to, can scale the wall and enter the university or encroach upon land of the residential area.

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While speaking to The Express Tribune, Zubair further said it will take multiple actions against the barns for the owners to realise the gravity of the situation, adding that the encroachers are not just residents of KU but also its employees.  Zubair said that there is enough space in front of their houses where they keep animals. His job was to demolish the barns but what could he have done about the animals, he lamented.

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