3 fashion trends that may harm your health

Published: December 1, 2018


Chasing trends is not without its dangers. While we all love to keep up with ongoing fashion trends, we often forget how some of them can harm our health in the long run. From stilettos to toxic fabric and heavy jewellery, here is a list of a few style statements compiled from Hindustan Times, which may trigger severe health problems.

1. High heels


As much as they are loved by women, this type of footwear is also painful. High heels pose certain health risks that are hard to ignore in the long run. According to researchers, stilettos lack shock absorption, which can lead to local callosities. These conditions can become quite serious if you don’t give your feet a chance to heal. As your heel rises up in an elevated shoe, weight is transferred more to your forefoot.

Wearing heels too often can also lead to metatarsalgia, which is a painful type of inflammation that occurs in the ball of the foot as a result of repeated pressure on the metatarsal bone. It can also lead to pain in the front of the knee and cause sprains. Back pain is another issue associated with high heels.

2. Skinny jeans



Who doesn’t love a perfect pair of skinny jeans? However, wearing them for prolonged periods can cause serious damage to health. Skinny jeans can cause fungal infection in the groin area as tight-fitting clothing traps moisture from sweat, creating an ideal environment for fungus to grow. They can also cause numbness or pain in the outer thigh leading to neuralgia. Tight clothing can cause more blood to pool in the legs or slow down the blood flow.

3. Heavy jewellery


They really complement attires but they also cause wear and tear of the earlobe piercing and could lead to stretching of the earlobe, if worn regularly and for longer hours. The piercing in the ear lobules can enlarge, which can lead to tearing. Occasionally, even if the earlobe is stitched up surgically, there is a formation of a thick, itchy scar called keloid which can keep increasing in size. There is no effective treatment for the same and one may have to live with it forever.

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