Mumbai Attacks: India wants action against ‘culprits’

India’s Home Minister wants Islamabad to take action against the “real culprits” in order to restore confidence.

June 09, 2011

NEW DELHI: India’s Home Minister P Chidambaram on Wednesday said confidence cannot be restored between India and Pakistan till Islamabad takes action against the “real culprits” responsible for the 2008 Mumbai attacks, according to the Press Trust of India news agency. “The fundamental cause of friction between the two countries is Pakistan not taking action to bring the real controllers and perpetrators of the 26/11 attacks to justice,” Chidambaram said.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 9th, 2011.



Wajid A.S. | 10 years ago | Reply

Once again. Pakistan's 'strategic assets' have shown how well they understand the teachings of our faith, Islam. Islam means peace. But these na-Paks interpret it as 'I SLAM'. Gross perversion. It has been nearly three years since 26/11 Mumbai. What changes have we made in our vigilance? . PNS Mehran happened. Plus those attacks on our army recruits. These are 'strategic assets'? They are neither strategic, nor assets. What co-operation mechanism have we facilitated to bring about the confidence-building-measures (CBMs) that we must eventually have to bridge our chasm with the Indians? . Don't our 'leaderaan' realise that this is harming the very structure and fabric of our nation? As a businessman, I am ashamed to even state that I am a Pakistani. That is the unfortunate truth. Our very pride has been snatched from us and turned into a bull-fighting rag. . There is no need for innocent people to die like this on the streets of India and Pakistan. None. No justification whatsoever. No strategic and political and religious interests can ever justify this carnage. Never. . It is ironic, this happened on a Wednesday. Not too long back, I had seen a movie "A Wednesday" with Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher. It addressed the harm done to a city with these events. And it speaks of the anguish of the average Indian Muslim, who like other Indians, just want to lead an ordinary life of peaceful enterprise and edification / education for his children. . WHY IS THIS HARD TO GET? We want the same things for our family and our country. Let go of this hatred.

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