Rangers shooting: Extrajudicial killing caught on tape

Shah was pleading with the Rangers personnel to let him go.

Faraz Khan June 09, 2011
Rangers shooting: Extrajudicial killing caught on tape

KARACHI: A youth was killed when Rangers shot him in a busy area of Karachi, Boat Basin, television channels reported late on Wednesday.

Five men from the Ghazi wing of the Rangers are said to be involved in the incident, of whom two have been arrested.

Video footage of the incident showed the Rangers killing the man, Sarfaraz Shah, who allegedly had a pistol in his hand, after beating him up.

Before being shot, Shah had tried to grab the security forces’ weapons.

Initially, the police and Rangers had claimed that they were informed that a dacoit had held a family hostage in Benazir Bhutto Park. The security personnel claimed that they went inside the park and asked the man to surrender. When he refused to do so, the Rangers shot at him in retaliation. Shah was injured and died after reaching Jinnah Hospital, security personnel said.

Shah was the brother of Salik Shah, a reporter of Samaa TV. The family of the deceased along with journalists held a protest at the chief minister’s house in Karachi. The chief minister has taken notice of the incident.

The Sindh information minister, Sharjeel Memon has said that no leniency will be shown to the culprits.

Political parties, including the ANP and the MQM, have condemned the incident.


Gul khan | 13 years ago | Reply @Naeem Tariq: You are right...this seems to me that rangers already have agreed on a deal with anti-Pak elements to kill this guy (or any one) and at the same time to be filmed. This incident is the continuation of the previous incidents happened during may. All the incidents have the same pattern to defame and demoralize the law enforcement institutions. I would say these few rangers have sold themselves to fulfill Anti-Pak Agenda.
erik | 13 years ago | Reply This speaks volumes of Human Rights abuse in that country. It is no secret now the military and the government are hand in glove with terrorism. It time for a big change in that country.
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