Watch: G-B ministers lose cool as PIA flight cancelled

Published: November 16, 2018


ISLAMABAD: Chaos reigned at the New Islamabad Airport as passengers including ministers of Gilgit-Baltistan staged protest after a Gilgit-bound flight of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) was delayed for technical reasons before being ultimately cancelled.

G-B ministers including Tourism Minister Fida Khan and Law Minister Advocate Aurangzeb burnt their coats in protest at the airport lounge and brawled with officers who had come to resolve the matter through talks.

The passengers announced the protest will continue till resumption of the flight but after successful talks with CAA officials, they ended their protest. PIA administration assured passengers the cancelled flight will depart for Gilgit on Friday morning.

Grounded: Protest against cancellation of flight

“The flight was cancelled due to a technical fault which was later removed but then owing to bad weather the flight had to be called off,” said a PIA official.

The law minister told The Express Tribune that one flight had been canclled while the other flight was allowed to depart. “Our luggage has reached Gilgit while we are sitting here without our belongings,” he complained adding that our flight was first delayed then cancelled while the other flight departed. He demanded an inquiry against manager operation for misleading the passengers.

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