WikiLeaks: 500 Baloch and Sindhi separatists in Afghanistan

Afghan Interior Minister claimed a refugee camp in Kandahar serves separatists who fled Musharaff's crackdown.

Express June 07, 2011

A WikiLeaks cable reveals that the Afghan government admitted to hosting about 500 Baloch and Sindhi separatists in a camp in Kandahar.

According to the cable, the Afghan Interior Minister Hanif Atmar claimed there is a refugee camp in Kandahar that serves the separatists who fled former President Musharaff's crackdown. However, he said there is no evidence that the camp serves as a training ground for anti-Pakistan terrorists, and denied public claims by Interior Minister Rehman Malik that Afghanistan has admitted to hosting anti-Pakistan terrorist training camps.

Wikileaks reveals that Atmar's denial comes in response to Malik's statement that the Afghans had admitted hosting anti-Pakistan elements.

The Afghan interior minister said he was disappointed with Rehman Malik's claims, as the Afghans had never said anything of the sort.

According to WikiLeaks Atmar said Malik’s public comments are a distraction from the important issues that the US, Afghanistan and Pakistan need to focus on in the upcoming trilateral talks.

Cable Referenced: WikiLeaks no. 221326

The full text of the cables can be read on, The Hinduand NDTV. WikiLeaks has previously released cables to other media organisations including Guardian and the New York Times.



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Sufi | 10 years ago | Reply @ pervez...if you really believe that Sindhi seperatists are blowing up their own tracks, then I don't know what to tell you. I know you won't believe that this was done by ISI, the true terrorists. Sindhis and Balochis have never killed anyone except those foreign occupiers who have invaded their land for resources. Thanks to Afghanistan for giving refuge to these FREEDOM FIGHTERS!
pervez | 10 years ago | Reply why are these terrorists being given refuge in afghanistan? these people have murdered thousands of pakistanis in balochistan and have been blowing up train tracks in sindh and the afghans are giving these murderers refuge in their country!! we should demand karzai to hand over these 500 terrorists to us as they have a lot of pakistani blood on their hands and they must be brought to justice.
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