CJP wraps up cases at Lahore registry

Several pray for Nisar, while a few are left disheartened

Rana Yasif October 29, 2018

LAHORE: Where several litigants were seen praying for Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar at the Supreme Court’s Lahore registry on Sunday, a few were disheartened for having lost legal battles.

CJP Nisar heard several property-related cases, including a matter of Patwari and Patwarkhanas (offices of Patwaris) for allegedly preparing land transfer deeds even after the establishment of the Land Revenue Authority.

In an inheritance matter, former independent MPA Inamullah Khan Niazi prayed to the court to form a commission for equal distribution of property among his family members (sister-in-law and nephews).

The CJP asked the former MPA, “You are like a father figure to them and you still want to fight a case?”

Inamullah’s sister-in-law had knocked on the door of the Supreme Court seeking justice.

“Why can’t I resolve your case?” the CJP asked Inam, responding to his request to constitute a commission. At this, the litigants present in the courtroom started clapping, upon which the CJP, in a lighter mood, directed them not to do so.

“There is a need to constitute a commission as the matter of the joint-property is complicated,” Inam replied. He also submitted a map as well as visuals of the disputed land before the CJP.

Inam’s sister-in-law begged for justice upon which the CJP said he would dispense justice to her as if she was his own daughter.

Nisar directed the Punjab Board of Revenue to submit proposals to determine as to how the property could be distributed among them.

Hearing another matter of Patwaris, the CJP remarked, “You people established Patwarkhanays in urban land just to mint money otherwise there is no need of them.”

The CJP asked, “Under what law are the Patwarkhanays working here?”

Additional deputy commissioner tried to shed light over the issue, but the CJP issued a notice to the advocate general, directing him to fix the case in Islamabad for further hearing.

In a separate case, the CJP ordered to arrest Gujranwala Patwari Rana Javed allegedly involved in obtaining 90-acre land through forgery.

According to details, petitioner Asia Bibi told the CJP that the Patwari was an influential person and had obtained the piece of land from her husband by forging his thumb impression. The Patwari failed in justifying his actions before the court.

The CJP directed the police officials to arrest him. The litigants prayed for the CJP and bowed before God.

In another property dispute between Shahida Ejaz and her three nephews, the CJP directed them to sell the property and distribute the amount.

An overseas resident, Shahida, had alleged that her nephews Adil Raheed, Umar Rasheed and Ali Rasheed had taken over her property. The nephews denied the allegation. She stated that she had 50% share, while her nephews and sister, Naheed Pervaiz, had 25% each.

The CJP directed the nephews to tender an apology to their aunt. Adil stepped forward and touched the feet of his aunt in the courtroom, seeking an apology.

The CJP, with a smile on his face, said, “Always respect your elders.”

Some litigants were annoyed as judgements were not in their favour.

A woman said that her husband was bed-ridden but the police had lodged an FIR against him and the court was not granting bail.

The CJP directed her to file bail petitions in court, saying if he deserved bail he would be awarded one.

She said she came here seeking justice but he (CJP) did not deliver justice.

The CJP replied, “Justice is dispensed to everyone on merit. Everyone comes here to get justice.”

The woman said she would never wish him well.

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