Stop insulting someone's efforts: Sajal Aly defends 'Ko Ko Korina'

It's only a song - sing along or change the channel, says the starlet

Entertainment Desk October 23, 2018

Ko Ko Korina has been trending non-stop on Twitter for the last three days and has garnered a lot of hate on social media. Singers Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir were seen grooving to the preppy number during the rendition.

Many known personalities came forward, sharing their thoughts on Ahmed Rushdi's number - case in point: Shireen Mazari, Sherry Rehman and Adil Murad.

In response to their remarks, Sajal Aly took to Instagram to give her stance on the matter. "Itni nafrat le kar kahan jaogay? Qabar mai? (Where will you go with all this hate? In the grave?)," she wrote.


The Mom starlet seemed livid over the disapproval of the song and went on to add, "Three days and counting, and it's still all about Ko Ko Korina. Love it or hate it, your call but you don't have to go to town insulting someone's efforts."


She further wrote, "It's only a song. Sing along or change the channel. We, as a country, have far more important issues to debate."

Senator Sherry Rehman agreed to Mazari's stance and wrote, "I like the Leo Twins version of Ko Ko Korina much better than the flat version put out by Coke Studio. No harm in stating music likes and dislikes. And no need to make such choices the subject of convoluted debate."

Rehman was responding to a tweet by former Director General of Radio Pakistan, Murtaza Solangi, who wrote, "I disagree vehemently with Dr Shireen Mazari on many issues but NOT on the remake of Ko Ko Korina. We both are on the same page on that."

Earlier, the Minister of Human Rights had shared her opinion on Coke Studio's interpretation of Ahmed Rushdi's song via Twitter. “Horrendous!” she wrote. “Destroyed a great classic – why oh why, did Coke Studio allow such a massacre of this classic song?”

Ahad Raza Mir and Momina Mustehsan's Ko Ko Korina was criticised by Twitterati for ‘destroying’ a classic. The song also marked Mir’s debut in the music show.

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Shakil | 2 years ago | Reply is it hate to dislike a classic track? its called dislike not hate!
Nadir Sadiq | 2 years ago | Reply The first lesson our "Wanna Be" singers need to be taught is learn to take criticism as this is the business where it all happens. Ms. Mazari had her views no need to make a drama out of it (There you go another story for Hum TV ;-) ) IT was a God Awful rendering of the original song, not that the singers are to be blamed it was the producer and dir. of the song that need to be blamed.
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