Dalda’s #MeriAwaz campaign tackles body shaming

Published: October 24, 2018
Dalda Foods
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Research shows that the environment in which children are brought up in play a crucial role in determining the type of adults they will become. The question then is – what if society fails to provide a safe, nurturing and supportive environment that children need in order to become progressive and functional adults? In a bid to question the prevailing regressive societal norms that allow body shaming of children, especially of girls, Dalda has launched its #MeriAwaz campaign.


The #MeriAwaz campaign intends to tackle the stifling age-old parameters in which girls are raised up.  For instance, there is an intense pressure on girls to be thin, dainty and feminine. Such traits are expected to be emulated by girls regardless of their desires and dreams. In order to enforce such standards on young and often impressionable girls they are body-shamed relentlessly.

Dalda’s recent campaign, which showcases Aamina Shiekh in the forefront, is steadily working to overcome the aforementioned challenges. Aamina, who is a mother of a daughter and has also been associated with PAGE – Pakistan Alliance for Girls Education, is well suited to advocate for the need to provide all children with a safe and nurturing environment.

The movement has quickly gained traction in both mainstream and social media. Leading figures like Nadia Hussain, Samina Pirzada, Mishayl Naek, Sarwat Gillani, Aamna Isani, Kubra Khan, Mansha Pasha also came forward with their support for the campaign.

Moreover, renowned Facebook women support groups, fashion magazines and influencers namely Soul Sisters Pakistan, Women of Today, Desi Wedding Diaries, Mothers of Pakistan Social Diary Magazine, Runway Pakistan, StyleD’Mode, and Sasha Scheherzade, along with other women-centric support groups, have also taken the lead in promoting #MeriAwaz movement.


By initiating the #MerziAwaz campaign, Dalda has shown that not only does it deliver on its promise of providing consumers with superior quality cooking oil but also that it cares for the development of our present and future generations. By promoting such a cause as its CSR activity Dalda hopes to bring about a positive change in society in order to eradicate harmful stereotypes which detrimentally dictate both the growth and potential of not only young children but also women in various stages of life.

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