Thirteen 'neglected' Indian Muslims 'convert' to Hinduism

District magistrate terms 'conversion' a 'gimmick'

News Desk October 03, 2018

Thirteen members of a Muslim family on Tuesday 'embraced' Hinduism in Uttar Pradesh's Badarka village citing “neglect from their own community members and police", Times of India reported.

Dharam Singh, previously known as Akhtar Ali, told the publication he changed religion because his family had not been supported by police or coreligionists following the death of his 28-year-old son. Singh’s three sons, their wives and six children also converted.

Singh claimed his son Gulhasan was killed on July 28. He said the culprits had hanged his body to pass off the crime as suicide.

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“I approached police a number of times and pleaded with community members to testify in our favour. Nobody came forward,” Singh said.

“Later, a Muslim panchayat was held where we were humiliated instead. Facing non-cooperation from our own community, we decided to change our religion. We hope to get justice now,” Singh said.

Presenting the episode as a case of "ghar wapsi", Hindu Yuva Vahini activists claimed the family had 'reconverted'. “This family’s ancestors converted to Islam some 5-6 generations ago. Now, they are back into Hinduism,” Hindu Yuva Vahini  district president Yogender Tomar said.

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Baghpat police SP Shailesh Kumar Pandey rubbished the family's allegations of police apathy. “The post-mortem report was inconclusive. Later, they got an FIR filed under IPC’s section 302 (murder) through court. Even at this point, the autopsy is under consideration by a medico-legal expert. Once his report arrives, we will be able to say anything with certainty."

District magistrate Rishirendra Kumar termed the conversion  a 'gimmick' to pressure officials. “On Monday, five people came to Baraut tehsil with a conversion application of 20 family members. On Tuesday, the number reduced to 13. They are members of the Nat community (acrobats) which has people practicing multiple faiths."

This article originally appeared in the Times of India.


stevenson | 4 years ago | Reply @Iqbal: Religion is a personal choice and I have heard of many Indian Muslims converting back to Hinduism since it is the majority culture and tradition. Even all the major Bollywood actors and actresses are intermarried with Hindus since it is the majority culture in India.
Iqbal | 4 years ago | Reply I also converted into Buddhism after neglect by my parents. It was the best thing I have ever done.
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