Frieha Altaf urges authorities to eradicate street crime in Karachi

Published: October 3, 2018
Frieha Altaf: A TASTE OF TWO CITIES, Marcel’s opens its doors with a star-studded affair in Karachi.

Frieha Altaf: A TASTE OF TWO CITIES, Marcel’s opens its doors with a star-studded affair in Karachi.

A sharp uptick in Karachi street crime has made citizens’ lives hell.

The scourge seemingly spare none with PR mogul Frieha Altaf sharing her experience of being mugged at gunpoint.

“Got held up at gunpoint coming home from fashion week last night with my daughter. Three adolescent boys on a bike!” she shared. “Nothing worse than having a gun in your face with your kid in the car. Karachi needs a cleanup asap. My real estate agent has been held up 11 times.”

Soon after her tweet, PTI Official Twitter handle responded and wrote, “Alarming rise in street crime in Karachi. Provincial govt wants power but not willing to work. Let us remind PPP that PM IK has given the provincial govt 2 months to act on street crime & other issues. Otherwise, people will demand that federal takes matters into own hands.”

Corroborating with Altaf’s statement, actor Fahad Mustafa wrote, “It’s true. I’m in Lahore and there is a sense of security in the air. Traffic wardens and police seems to be present on the streets where they should be. I always feel like this is a different country altogether. People of Karachi and Sindh need the same.”

“Very sad to hear this Frieh Altaf,” Shaniera Akram, wife of cricket legend Wasim Akram wrote. “The only thing that will help us is an education system for all children, city planning to accommodate growing families and more job placement programs for the communities.This is what needs to be implemented to combat the crime within our city.”

The city has a street crime problem – one that has been allowed to grow relatively unchecked. While the Karachi Police Chief Dr Ameer Ahmed Sheikh claims that crime has been curbed, statistics on street crimes paint a different picture.

In just eight months of the current year, 42,398 incidents of street crime were reported. These include snatching and theft of cars, motorcycles, mobile phones and other incidents. At the beginning of the operation in 2013, the crime rate had decreased to 136 incidents per day, but the number of crimes reported per day now averages at 176.

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