Momina Mustehsan writes open letter to late model Anam Tanoli

Published: September 4, 2018

Model Anam Tanoli’s sad demise caused an outbreak all over the nation, especially within the entertainment industry. While many reminisced over Tanoli’s turbulent life, others came out to share their personal experiences with anxiety and depression. Singing sensation Momina Mustehsan opted for the latter route.



Taking to Instagram to open up about her own battle with the disorder, the starlet penned an open letter to the late model. “This is a picture of me from when I was going through turmoil not very long ago,” she began. “It happens to the best of us. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and we all hit points in our lives sometimes when all seems to be falling out of our control.”

Sharing a black and white portrait of herself, the Afreen Afreen crooner wrote, “Dear Anam, I’m sorry you had to give up. I’m sorry I didn’t understand the intensity of how much you were hurting. I know you were trying your best to be positive and you were a champ.”



Mustehsan went on to praise Tanoli.” I was super proud of how far you had come in the nine years I had known you and the person you had grown to become. I swear you had the strength to keep fighting back, staying strong, and standing tall. But you just needed to hear more of that from the people around you, a little more often.”

She then empathised with Tanoli’s situation. “I’m so sorry… I know how it feels when you hit a point so low that it makes you feel like giving up. We all know that feeling. Every single person is fighting their own battle from behind the face we put up for society to make it look like all is under control.”



Mustehsan added that the vast usage of social media has led to unavoidable opinions and “hate speech” from strangers. “Now more than ever, we need to learn to love and value ourselves, and KNOW our own selves and our own worth, so that peoples opinions of us don’t get to us and impact our perception of ourselves.”

The songstress also added a message “for the trolls”. She wrote, “Let people be. Give them the right to be human sometimes. Give them the liberty to make those occasional mistakes. Because without that, no one can ever learn or grow. Reflect and focus your energies on fixing and working on yourself more than scrutinising, judging and putting others down.”

She requested everyone to “shun bullying and hate speech”, asking for people to stand up against bullies. “Build each other up, don’t be a bystander watching someone being tormented.”



Sharing a message for the victims of depression, Mustehsan stated, “Reach out. Speak up. Love and value yourself. Never feel trapped and caged that you find the need to want to escape. Every person is unique, every person is special. Every person matters.”

She concluded her two-post note with details of her own battle. “I consider myself a fairly positive person and most people have always seen me smiling and full of excitement. I’ve spoken about dealing with depression in the past and overcoming it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still have moments of weakness.”

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The Aaya Na Tu star shared, “A few months ago, I went through a phase of emotional turmoil. We all hit that occasional road block. Please remember to remind yourself of all the goodness and little joys you have in your life. And remember, the only opinion of you that really should matter is your own. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion define or affect you, or become your reality. Easier said than done, but I promise you it’s possible.”

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Reader Comments (2)

  • Faraz
    Sep 4, 2018 - 7:45PM

    Momina Mustehsan is quite intelligent. I think a lot of bullying in society is caused by women themselves so its nice to see a woman speak against it. Recommend

  • Fayaz
    Sep 16, 2018 - 9:17PM

    Her demise is sad. Ur reflection is truly inspirational. The first step in dealing with stress and depression is recognising it. Once u know the feelings u r not able to control is actually the depression talking u should immediately start fighting back and understand that this is merely an illness and it’s trying to ge the better of urself. Then, It’s easier to cope with. Always remind urself u r stronger and that the people u love and the ones who love and care about u would never want u to give up… Recommend

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