Celebs speak about depression, bullying after Anam Tanoli's suicide

Published: September 3, 2018


Twenty six-year-old model Anam Tanoli’s tragic passing this week has initiated a conversation regarding mental health. The starlet reportedly committed suicide after suffering from depression and cyber bullying.

Soon after the news of her death broke, famous entertainment shared their two cents on the seriousness of mental health.

Armeena Khan:



“A young, up and coming Pakistani in model died yesterday. On the face of it, it looks like suicide by hanging. I wonder what could possibly have driven a talented young girl like that to take her own life,” the Janaan actor tweeted.

Mawra Hocane:



“I didn’t know her personally but I’m devastated that a young beautiful girl succumbed to the bullies around her,” the 25-year-old starlet wrote in an Instagram post. “I spoke to a close friend of hers who told me how deeply she was affected by social media trolling and bullying at work.”

“She was suffering from depression and the world was ruthless regardless. I wish she was stronger but I also wish that we were kinder, all of us. Be on a watch, anyone around us could be suffering from depression and your words can take someone’s life,” Hocane said.

Arif Alvi calls for 24/7 helpline to address mental health issues

“I’m sorry Anam Tanoli on behalf of everyone who pushed you take such a step. My condolences and love to the family,” she added.

Hocane said that despite being ‘public property’, celebrities are just as human as the rest of us.  “PS: We may be out here for you on social platforms but we are just like you. We get hurt, we break but we endure and put the broken pieces together to run another show for all of you. Be kind, it won’t cost you a thing. Please be kind, considerate and compassionate for others and their hearts,” the Sammi starlet continued.

“It is about time we treat depression as an illness so we can comfort the ones suffering, at least. Seek medical help without reluctance. Please don’t be afraid of the society, protect yourself first,” she concluded.

Rizwan Beyg:



The fashion designer took to Facebook to share his thoughts on mental illness. “Amidst all the awards and celebration, the tragic suicide of Anam Tanoli has been totally sidelined and not been addressed by the fashion fraternity,” he wrote.

“I never knew Anam or worked with her but the awful stories surrounding her suicide are a wake up call for all those of us who still have a conscience and some shred of humanity left,” Beyg said of the bullying that prevails in showbiz.

Model Anam Tanoli ‘commits suicide’ in Lahore

“Stories of body shaming and downright vicious attacks on a young vulnerable girl are hugely disturbing and what is even more disturbing is a total lack of remorse, sadness or indignation on her passing,” he stated.

“I am ashamed Anam and sorry I was silent at the injustice you faced at the hands of the fraternity I am part of. Rest in peace Anam because I certainly cannot,” he said.

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Reader Comments (5)

  • Mustafa
    Sep 3, 2018 - 3:52PM

    Since I read the news of her suicide I am upset.May her soul rest in peace.
    Our country lack experts about anxiety and depression. They are unable to identify the level of this hidden disease. Recommend

  • Yousuf Ibnul Hasan
    Sep 3, 2018 - 7:39PM

    If one peep into the shiwbiz world specially Pakistani showbiz profession one can easily judge that all the glitters are not gold. West is an open world where relations does not matter but in Pakistan the modern trend if entertainment not only introduce the modern techniques and trend but also introduce latest material and methods to ease nerves, body and needs. Smoking, drinking, drugs and sex gave made the players so use too with such adiction that ultimatly effect on their perfomances. It is natural a player act three different characters in three parts of the day that made his or her entire body system effected with stress, tension, depression and desires. The lust of money and fame and compittion with fellow artists, jealousy and liking and disliking creat a sence of ignorance where he or she go into mental disorder. To overcome the situation use of alcohol and drugs become so important that end demand due to physical lethargy which ultimatly take him or her to end his or her life. The past proven such situation in the incident of Waheed Murad who gone into isolation and overdose himself to reach a level of no return. Recommend

  • Al
    Sep 3, 2018 - 9:16PM

    It could be a mixture of financial crunch, threats bullying blackmailing etc which could have led to depression and stress. An inquiry needs to be made. May her soul rest in peace. Recommend

  • Marya Hayee
    Sep 4, 2018 - 10:39AM

    Its just because people are becoming insensitive, they don’t think there single sentence can take life of anyone, if people have problem with their lives, performance, careers, achievement & social appearance then why don’t they try for themselves first at their place.
    Social bullying is now become the favorite hobby of useless people, who have nothing to do but this, they are also human being like us, they do also feel, also hurt so please do not be so insensitive. Recommend

  • halimahassan772@gmail.com
    Sep 4, 2018 - 2:00PM

    I never knew this girl in past but her suicide attempt really shaken me from inside.My humble request to our celebrities:Plz be strong be positive!Have faith in yourself.Donot bother what people are saying or commenting about your life.After all”kuch tou log kahengy logon ka kaam hy kehna”.My prayers are with her family.RIP pretty woman.Recommend

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