Director Danny Boyle quit 'Bond 25' because Daniel Craig wanted Agent 007 to die

Published: August 28, 2018


Danny Boyle’s departure from the 25th James Bond film has led to many speculations. While initial rumours suggested that the director left due to casting disagreements, recent reports suggest otherwise.

As per The Sun, Boyle apparently quit due to “ridiculous” plot demands, asking him to kill off Agent 007 at the end of the film. Boyle is said to have refused to comply and so, chose to depart the project citing “creative differences.”



Actor Daniel Craig and producer Barbara Broccoli wanted Bond to die in a ‘spectacular finale’ – an idea Boyle is said to have disliked. The report quotes a source as saying, “There were discussions about killing off Bond in a dramatic fashion at the end. It would also leave it open for a twist in the next installment — either Bond hadn’t died or there could be a Doctor Who-esque regeneration with a new actor.”

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After the release of his last Bond film Spectre, Craig famously stated that he “would rather slit his wrists than play the character again.” The British actor was even offered an elaborate$25 million paycheck to return. In 2017, Craig announced that he would come back for one final film, before leaving the franchise for good.



Recent rumours suggest that following the delay in Bond 25’s production, the makers are considering their options regarding replacement directors and perhaps even looking at a replacement for Craig, in the form of Idris Elba.

Boyle had provided a script with co-writer John Hodge, which the producers had allegedly approved. The film’s shooting was supposed to begin in London at the end of the year, with a November 2019 release date set.

However, reports state that all was not well during pre-production. “There were clashes over budget and there’s pandemonium among the crew with people leaving the production left, right and center.”

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