Ali Noor releases ‘Mera Pakistan’ alongside Shiraz Uppal, Ayesha Omar

Song features 100 artists singing without instrumental accompaniment where sounds are created through voice and claps

Rahul Aijaz August 13, 2018

KARACHI: Every year, Pakistanis gear up to celebrate Independence Day. Green and white flags decorating homes, lit up streets and patriotic songs bursting on loud speakers create an unparalleled atmosphere. On the occasion, artists also take an opportunity to release new songs which celebrate the country.

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Strepsils Stereo recently launched an Acapella track with Ali Noor performing alongside 100 artists. The musical style includes group singing without instrumental accompaniment where all sounds are created through voice and claps.


Alongside Noor and the 100 artists who have performed the song Mera Pakistan, are Shiraz Uppal, Sara Haider, Saad Sultan, Ayesha Omar, Rabi Peerzada, Ahsan Parvez, Kami Paul and Kumail Jaffery. Talking to The Express Tribune, Noor opened up about how the Acapella experimentation came about.  “I don’t recall ever doing a patriotic song so this is my first one, I believe. Last year we did Khayal Rakhna but it was a cover. I suppose this year’s change in the political scene motivated us to put this song together,” he said. “We are doing Acapella so we have brought lots of different voices together.”

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To be able to cash in on the patriotic sentiments, a lot of songs project mindless, blind nationalistic ideas which offer nothing to reflect on and are forgettable at best. “I agree most patriotic songs are mindless and seem over-the-top with very less meaning to them. But Mera Pakistan is a product of the changing landscape of the country, where people are feeling less disconnected from how the country and its political scene is. People have hope and I wanted to do a song on it so it’s a very real experience for me,” added Noor.


“I think if a patriotic anthem comes from the heart, is genuine and reflects people’s state of mind, then yes. There have been patriotic anthems in the past that have done their job and I hope this is one of those. It’s a sincere effort so let’s see where it goes.”

When asked about his brother Ali Hamza serving as one of the co-producers for Coke Studio this season, Noor shared, “I am very excited about him being a producer on Coke Studio. Zohaib Kazi is also someone I’ve been watching for a long time. Of course, Ali Hamza is my brother so I know what his musical genius is. I have high hopes but I have a lot more prayers for them and I hope they raise the bar and do a great job.”

Watch Mera Pakistan here:

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