'Coke Studio's' Babar Khanna reveals he was threatened, attacked

Published: August 13, 2018


Tabla and dholak player of Coke Studio fame, Babar Ali Khanna has a musical journey spanning over 20 years. In these two decades though, he hasn’t faced the likes of the incident he did last night. Khanna streamed a live Facebook video, detailing the happenings of the night.

“I have been threatened at my house today,” he began, sharing that his house was fired at, bricks were thrown and he was beaten. He then turns the camera to neighbours, who verify his story and further explain what occurred.

They stated that around 10 men rode in on bikes outside his residence and commenced their wrongdoings. Speaking of Khanna, one neighbour said, “He is a very respected individual in our neighbourhood, someone of good character and whatever has happened is very unfair.”

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The musician’s son also stated how the men showed no hesitance before they grabbed hold of Khanna and then proceeded to slap him. The Coke Studio star maintained that he did not know who these people were and why they hurt him.

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  • Umer Farooq
    Aug 13, 2018 - 2:58PM

    This is a condemnable act. Very unfortunate and something that should never happen to anyone. However, investigation is needed to determine why did those men commit this act? The other side of the story needs to be unearth as well.Recommend

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