Lahore theatre celebrates PTI win with brand new play

Published: August 10, 2018
Support for PTI among youth, but PTI needs to reach out to estranged populations. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Support for PTI among youth, but PTI needs to reach out to estranged populations. PHOTO: EXPRESS

LAHORE: Following the sweeping victory if Imran Khan in the 2018 General Elections, the Lahore theatre circuit is treating the public to a play titled Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai, which is being staged at Shalimar Theatre hall through to August 17.

Advertisement campaigns for the play kicked off soon after the results of the July 25 elections starting coming in. The cast and crew have been very excited about Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai and say that the play is there way of being part of the Tabdeeli [change]. Commercial theatre is a big source of entertainment in Lahore and its surrounding regions and many of those involved in the industry believe that Khan will help revive it.

“We have been very happy during the rehearsals of this play. We enjoyed bringing PTI’s slogan to life,” stage artist Feroza Ali told The Express Tribune. “It is purely a family drama. I think many will enjoy, especially those who are Imran Khan supporters.”

The beauty of theatre lies in its ability to highlight social issues, celebrate religious differences and also promote national events and festivals. During international cricket tournaments and Eid, for example, producers often create dramas based on them so as to keep the public up to date with current affairs. Hence, it comes as no surprise that after PTI’s win, the producers thought of Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai. According to them, the very name of the play should be enough to make people watch it.

It is be noted that theatre in Lahore has been doing quite well of late, with Tamaseel Theatre’s Billo Meri Hai earning around Rs8 million in its first week alone. The producers of Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai are also hoping for decent revenue.

Many popular artists are part of the Ajmal Malik directorial, including Sunahri Khan, Guddo Kamal, Waseem Punoun, Anesha Khan, Sarfraz Vicky, Wardha, Razi Khan, Sehar Ali, Razi Khan, Feroza and others. Malik has also penned the script of the play, while Hassan and Ali Tariq produced it.

Tabdeeli is the current talk of the town. Everyone seems to be speaking of it! I know of Imran Khan’s supporters are very happy with his victory,” said Ali. “Others are quite concerned about how the new government will perform so we decided to stage Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai, a show that is relevant to now.” He continued, “It is a hopeful, enjoyable play covering each and every aspect. There are also many things in the play that appreciate Khan’ struggle and victory.”

Ali shared that the main purpose behind Tabdeeli Aa Gayi Hai is to entertain people with song and dance, whilst also  sending across a message.

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