K-P health directorate issues dengue alert

Published: August 5, 2018
Representational image. PHOTO: AFP

Representational image. PHOTO: AFP

PESHAWAR: Keeping in view the dengue outbreak that ravaged across the province, specifically in the provincial capital, last year, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) government has been putting all its efforts not only to destroy breeding places for the virus but also sensitising the general public on preventive measures.

In order to contain spread of dengue virus, the provincial directorate general for health has issued a dengue alert meant for sharing with the genial public information and the steps which could help prevent a possible outbreak this year.

Virus threat: Interprovincial coordination, key to fight Dengue

Although the mercury has jumped up within last few days, nevertheless, the recent rains could provide Aedes [dengue mosquito], a breeding place, an opportunity for mosquito to come in contact with humans in households, workplaces, markets, schools, hospitals and other places.

The alert, a copy available with The Express Tribune, shared precautionary measures including keeping a close check on household containers both for domestic water storage besides decorative plants as well as multiplicity of rain-filled habitats including used tyres, discarded food and beverages containers, blocked gutters and under construction buildings.

“Typically these mosquitoes do not fly far and [majority] remain within 100 meters of where they emerged,” it read adding that they fed almost entirely on humans, mainly during daylight hours and both in and outdoors.

It has therefore been deemed necessary to notify the following [not necessarily exhaustive] preventive ensures against dengue for adoption by the general community, government and private offices, enterprises, the alert addressed all the health facilities’ heads, commissioners, deputy commissioners, nazims and other concerned officials.

While emphasising upon preventive measures, the alert shared with the general public to use full-sleeves cloths, wearing socks, using chemical repellents [with care for young children, sick, weak or elderly] besides mosquito coils, aerosols, electric vaporisers mats, insecticide treated nets specifically for kids, elderly and pregnant women.

“Drain out the water from desert/window air coolers when not in use, tanks, barrels, drums and buckets besides removing all objects containing water such as plant saucers from the house,” the alert shared adding that all the water storage containers should be kept covered all the time, discard bottles, plastic bags, tins since it [Dengue mosquito] always survived in clean water.

The directorate general officials have stressed upon those busy in constructions by stating that the water storage facilities at construction sites should be mosquito-proof, debris around the sites removed, disposal of scrap material prioritised.

“Heads of hospital, offices, enterprises, police stations, parks, civic amenities and other public places should form teams to check premises from end to end to ensure there is no stagnant water,” it read adding that heads for premises with green areas, swimming pools  and fountains should be extra careful.

“Roof tops are especially vulnerable,” it read adding ‘these should be inspected every two days to avoid water storage stagnation besides all overhead tanks, bathroom utensils used for storage water should be properly covered.

Published in The Express Tribune, August 5th, 2018.

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