'Verna' star Haroon Shahid's latest comments about #MeToo land him in hot water

Published: August 4, 2018


You might remember Haroon Shahid, the singer-turned-actor who played the lead opposite Mahira Khan in last year’s crime thriller Verna?

The film revolved around a rape victim fighting for justice. Ironically, the 28-year-old recently landed himself in hot water after making some rather questionable comments on the #MeToo movement.

Taking to Twitter, Shahid quoted a tweet about journalist Gul Bukhari being slapped. “A couple from my side as well please. Mein maroon ga to #MeToo hojai ga! (If I do it, it’ll become a #MeToo issue)”.

And Twitter is livid.

Even after the backlash, Shahid continued to defend his ‘joke’ and wrote an ‘apology’. Quoting Bukhari’s tweet regarding PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s looks, he asked Twitterati to get an apology from the journalist as well:

“I apologise for my bad joke. Hope you guys garner an apology from her for this. Oh wait. Was this even a joke?” he wrote.

However, many pointed out that Shahid’s attempt at apologising was abysmal.

And he still didn’t stop.

“I cracked a bad joke yesterday for which I got bashed and rightly so. Apparently, for a few I’ve become a hate monger, a rapist and a person who supports abusing women with that one tweet. Your hate and the article in Dawn doesn’t make me one. I apologise for the joke. Stop fighting!” he wrote.

It’s 2018. To come across ‘jokes’ regarding sexual harassment is not only problematic but bizarre as well.

Can someone please make Shahid understand the narrative better?

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  • Sid
    Aug 4, 2018 - 6:14PM

    So these feminazis want to control what one may or may not do in their dreams. amazingRecommend

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