India calls Pakistan 'fragile' state in talks with US

India's Home Minister P. Chidambaram says India living in the most difficult neighbourhood in the world.

Afp May 27, 2011

NEW DELHI: India's Home Minister P. Chidambaram said Friday that Pakistan had become a "fragile" state and was the "global epicentre of terrorism" at the start of talks with the US homeland security secretary.

"It is a truism to say that India lives in perhaps the most difficult neighbourhood in the world. The global epicenter of terrorism is in our immediate western neighbourhood," Chidambaram said in a statement.

"Today, different terrorist groups, operating from the safe havens in Pakistan, are becoming increasingly fused, the society in Pakistan has become increasingly radicalised, its economy has weakened, and the state structure in Pakistan has become fragile," he added.

He made the statement at the opening of talks with US Homeland Security Janet Napolitano in New Delhi on Friday, according to a copy of the speech posted on the home ministry website.


Tony Singh | 11 years ago | Reply @Rana Imtiaz: One knows he has won the argument when others start calling him names. I know I have won the argument. Period.
Klutzkaboom | 11 years ago | Reply @Mohsin Ahmed Patel: Well said Mohsin, it'ld do a world of good if Pakistan Management can actually sit-down together and understand that the problem is not with India, but within. It's high time that Pakistan Army stops itself from coming into power and the democracy rules I guess high agenda points for Pakistan should be more jobs for it's people and to grow as a nation rather than just spitting fire against India. The problem is that whoever comes in Power in Pakistan uses War-against-India as a kind of a stepping stone to ensure it's people that he/she is the right choice for leadership. I sincerely wish we could ask these people why they intend to sell us this, I guess we need a leader who is more interested in sorting the problem once and for all and moving on to the next item, which again, should have to do with Pakistan growing economically and not nose diving Perhaps there are a few like us who do not want a war, with India or anyone, we don't want our hard-earned money to be spent on arms or luxury sedans/SUV's for those in power, we need reforms, we need our money to spent on the Nation to ensure growth for it's people I firmly believe that the political big-wigs don't wants us to be educated or understand that there is more than just War-against-India, cause they will never be able to fool us again. Right for the very beginning, politicians in Pakistan have done nothing except cheat the tax-payers, I wish and pray this stops. Hope there will be more who think in this way and we will see Pakistan grow together Regards Klutz
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