Unofficial Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly results

Published: July 26, 2018


The Express Tribune brings you results of the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Assembly seats. According to unofficial results Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is leading, with all other parties struggling behind.


PartyCandidateObtained VotesResultsConstituency
MMAPHidayatul Rehman45629294 / 294PK-1
PTIMian Sharafat Ali2103697 / 97PK-2
PTIHaider Ali Khan1847091 / 91PK-3
PTIMir Aziz Ullah Khan14426105 / 105PK-4
PTIFazal Hakim Yousafzai2246393 / 93PK-5
PTIAmjad Ali khan24225105 / 105PK-6
PTIAmjad Ali khan1946094 / 94PK-7
PTIMohib Ullah Khan2181595 / 95PK-8
PPPPMalak Badshah Saleh20936123 / 123PK-10
PPPPSahibzada Sana Ullah22191125 / 125PK-11
MMAPInayat Ullah27413129 / 129PK-12
PTIMuhammad Azam Khan21666114 / 114PK-13
PTIHamayun Khan19600128 / 128PK-14
PTIShafi Ullah Khan21001101 / 101PK-15
ANPBahadar Khan1871290 / 90PK-16
PTILiaqat Ali Khan22864116 / 116PK-17
PTIShakeel Ahmad33347177 / 177PK-18
PTIMusavir Khan34344159 / 159PK-19
PTIRiaz Khan15641143 / 143PK-20
PTISyed Fakhar Jehan16524129 / 129PK-21
ANPSardar Hussain Babak21918119 / 119PK-22
PTIShaukat Ali Yousafzai17399135 / 135PK-23
ANPFaisal Zaib Khan13861124 / 124PK-24
IND-JEEPMuhammad Deedar672072 / 72PK-25
INDAbdul Ghaffar1708763 / 63PK-26
INDUbaidur Rehman462950 / 50PK-27
PTIMuhammad Zubair Khan14034107 / 107PK-28
PTITaj M. Trand20177149 / 149PK-29
PML-NMian Zia Ur Rehman29468186 / 186PK-30
PTIBabar Salim Swati26758135 / 135PK-31
INDMuhammad Mahraj4258187 / 187PK-32
PTIFarid Salahuddin21415173 / 173PK-33
PML-NYousaf Zaman42884183 / 183PK-34
ANPLaiq Mohammad Khan11636113 / 113PK-35
PTINazir Ahmed Abbasi37321213 / 213PK-36
PML-NAurangzeb Nalaotha38725236 / 236PK-37
PTIHaji Qalandar Lodhi29474185 / 185PK-38
PTIMushtaq Ahmed Ghani28424147 / 147PK-39
PTIAKBAR AYUB KHAN66624231 / 231PK-40
PTIArshad Ayub Khan56270202 / 202PK-41
INDFaisal Zaman32833168 / 168PK-42
PTIRangez Ahmad26331152 / 152PK-43
PTIAsad Qaiser31658161 / 161PK-44
PTIAbdul Karim25011153 / 153PK-45
PTIMuhammad Ali27153149 / 149PK-46
PTIShahram Khan Tarakai34591147 / 147PK-47
PTIMalik Shaukat Ali22022123 / 123PK-48
PTITufail Anjum24480135 / 135PK-49
PTIMuhammad Atif25807133 / 133PK-50
PTIAmir Farzand khan19308118 / 118PK-51
PTIMuhammad Zahir Shah26950133 / 133PK-52
ANPAmir Haider Hoti29166134 / 134PK-53
PTIIftikhar Mashwani22497133 / 133PK-54
PML-NJamshid Khan22447122 / 122PK-55
PTIKhalid Khan20247126 / 126PK-56
ANPShakeel Bashir Umarzai26938135 / 135PK-57
PTISultan Muhammad Khan28891141 / 141PK-58
PTIFazal Shakoor Khan30162146 / 146PK-59
PTIMuhammad Arif20164132 / 132PK-60
PTIPervez Khattak20647106 / 106PK-61
PTIMuhammad Idrees40370128 / 128PK-62
PTIJamshiduddin24760102 / 102PK-63
TLPSyed Haider Ali Shah16914135 / 135PK-64
PTIKhaliq-ur-Rehman36877101 / 101PK-65
PTIMehmood Jan1909691 / 91PK-66
PTIArbab Muhammad Waseem1691290 / 90PK-67
PTIArbab Jehandad Khan2256998 / 98PK-68
PTIShah Farman1540479 / 79PK-70
PTIShah Farman1730986 / 86PK-71
PTIFahim Ahmad1541066 / 66PK-72
PTITaimur Saleem Khan1544951 / 51PK-73
PTIPir Fida Muhammad1934984 / 84PK-74
PTIMalik Wajidullah2765997 / 97PK-75
PTIAsif Khan1904162 / 62PK-76
PTIKamran Khan Bangash3041791 / 91PK-77
PTIFazal Elahi1804480 / 80PK-79
PTIImtiaz Shahid Qureshi16323149 / 149PK-81
PTIZiaullah Bangash20999150 / 150PK-82
PTIShah Faisal Khan10500100 / 100PK-83
PTIMuhammad Zahoor800080 / 80PK-84
PPPPSher Azam khan2104795 / 95PK-87
PTIPakhtoon Yar Khan30487101 / 101PK-88
PTIShah Muhammad Khan1164491 / 91PK-89
MMAPAkram Khan Durrani32801146 / 146PK-90
MMAPMunawar Khan25242147 / 147PK-91
PTIHisham Inamullah38475140 / 140PK-92
MMAPAnwar Hayat Khan17114107 / 107PK-93
MMAPMehmood Ahmed khan27651164 / 164PK-94
INDEhtsham Javed44228151 / 151PK-95
PPPPAhmad Kundi18377113 / 113PK-96
PTIAli Amin Khan31084137 / 137PK-97
MMAPMaulana Latfur Rehman19808114 / 114PK-98

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