I fell in love with my character in 'Khaani': Sana Javed

Published: July 13, 2018


DUBAI: Sana Javed began her career with small roles but of late, she’s become quite the star.

The budding actor had a small role in the Shehr e Zaat back in 2012 but her claim to fame is starring Danish Taimoor in last year’s Mehruhnisa V Lub U. Not to mention, her recent drama serial Khaani became one of the most popular ones to have aired recently. The Express Tribune spoke to Sana about Khaani’s success and what the future holds for her.



The Express Tribune (ET): What made you choose ‘Khaani?’

Sana Javed (SJ): I remember when I got the call for Khaani and heard its narrative, I fell in love with the character. They still had to finalise the rest of the cast but I knew I just had to do it. That character was me!

ET: Do you feel the end was justified and that Mir Hadi’s character was forgivable? 

SJ: I didn’t forgive him by having his sentence forgiven: for him death was the easier option. The ultimate pain, for Mir Hadi, would have been to live and be tortured for life.



I’ll be honest; I’m disappointed that some people have made the character of this obsessive lover, who brutally killed for no reason, a hero. How can it be done, no one can forgive what he did and never should. Being a stalker, harassing Khaani, stopping her from working for her family, trying to ruin her married life – all this is psychotic behaviour. It’s really sad that people are making Mir Hadi out to be a hero.

ET: Your character had shades of both vulnerability and strength. Which would you say is the outstanding feature and why?

SJ: For Khaani, I think her strength over-shone the vulnerability. She is go-getter and very headstrong.

ET: What was the biggest and craziest comment you received for ‘Khaani?’

SJ: I feel so blessed with all the compliments I got after Khaani. But I think the most special ones would be in which our girls and women write to me how my character has inspired them and made them stand up for their rights. That, for me, is the ultimate reward. Apart from that, there have been really crazy ones too which I wouldn’t want to mention (laughs).



ET: What are your thoughts on feminism and the #MeToo movement, which is about women standing up against injustices and sexual harassment in showbiz?

SJ: I think feminism as a term is misunderstood widely, which is why claiming to be a feminist is becoming more difficult now. In my opinion, it is about creating equal opportunities for women. I believe that #MeToo movement should definitely help victims of harassment get justice but at the same time, not be misused.

However, because a lot of people are now speaking out against injustices faced by women, inside and outside the industry, addressing issues like sexual assault has become easier especially because of the global movement.



ET: Post ‘Khaani,’ how does the drama’s success affect your role choices in future? Do you plan to be more selective or open to more frequent projects?

SJ: I have always been very choosy with my work, I do what I totally believe in. I’m so grateful for the love and support I got with Khaani. I feel it’s my responsibility to carry forward this legacy of Khaani by playing characters that inspire people to be better individuals.

I can’t stand damsels-in-distress kind of characters: Sana Javed

ET: What’s in store for you in the future?

SJ: You’ll always see me playing independent, headstrong characters. The project which I’m really excited about and is ready to go on air is Romeo Weds Heer with the same team as Khaani. It is a fun and flamboyant kind of a role which I’m sure the audience will love it.



ET: Do you want to do films? Which has been a better medium for you?

SJ: I’d love to do films only if the right script comes my way.

ET: Has there been a moment where you wanted to change something about your career?

SJ: Yes, yes! There have been moments in life which I regret (laughs), like when I got wrong casting done or shows that were complete flops. I wish I could have changed that. But then, I also believe even mistakes make you the person you are, so it’s all good.

ET: What has been your favourite drama or movie over the last few years?

SJ: My own drama Pyaare Afzal… It is really close to my heart.

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